Scorpion “Once Bitten, Twice Die” Review (Season 1 Episode 18)

Scorpion Once Bitten Twice Die Episode 18 12

In the latest, snake-tacular episode of “Scorpion,” the team had to stop the biggest threat to date: World War III- in “Once Bitten, Twice Die.” It all began with a tricky meeting between three leaders from foreign countries on US soil, one from Belarus, and another from Latvia and the final from Lithuania, bordering countries that were all squabbling. If a peace treaty arrangement couldn’t be reached, then a war erupting in the region was entirely possible, which could very well lead to another world war. Enter the team to safely allow the foreign leaders to enter the country without being noticed by way of cloaking their arrival to LAX air traffic controllers, in order to keep the meeting secret to the world at large.

That matter accomplished, the team next had to fake things in such a way as to make it look like the foreign dignitaries were still in their respective countries via a form of green screen that involved layering images over one another in a complex way that made it seem like things were really happening in real time. (I think- to be honest, this part of the plotline was a bit unclear to me.) This way, no one else knew what they were up to, and thus, none were the wiser to what was really going on.

It also turned out to be a necessary evil, as, in no time, the three leaders were at each other’s throat and thus, getting them to sign a peace treaty was hardly a foregone conclusion. Thankfully, Paige was the one person who thought to do their homework on foreign customs and traditions and the like, and was able to help smooth things out for the squabbling threesome. Unfortunately, things took a turn when someone poisoned one of the leaders, which only reignited the arguing and drove the peace talks to a screeching halt.

While some of the team kept the leaders and their people from communicating with outside sources by posing as said sources online to keep everyone at bay until the culprit could be discovered- thus keeping anyone outside of the house they were meeting in from finding out what had happened, which could have also caused an international incident- others snuck out of the house to obtain a snake, in order to prepare a venom antidote to the poison that had been used on one of the leaders.

This led to a series of decidedly wacky and borderline insane misadventures amongst the three who escaped, which were Walter, Happy and Paige. First, they flagged down a food service truck and stole it out from under the owner, then Paige flirted with a tour guide at an animal sanctuary in order to divert attention away from the snake pit so that Walter could nab the snake they needed on the sly. However, Walter fell through the ceiling into said pit and was subsequently bitten, albeit somewhat intentionally, as he needed to grab it and it looked like the only way to accomplish his goal. Then the gang hightailed it back to the house and managed to prepare an antidote with the snake venom for both Walter and the dignitary with a salad spinner, of all things!

That crisis averted, the rest of the team in the meantime had discovered that the leader was poisoned by his own adviser, who was in on it with an arms dealer who wanted there to be a war so they could profit from it in obvious ways. Hoping the poisoning would spark an incident, the adviser didn’t count on being on lockdown to the extent he was, but figured it out pretty quickly and went after the team to try and lift the ban on outside communication. Toby and Sly somehow managed to fend him off, but he then escaped, but was tracked by Cabe, who knew the location inside out, partially in thanks to an old cowboy movie that he’d re-watched over and over to get the lay of the land beforehand.

With the culprit successfully taken out, the team was able to finally wrangle the leaders to sit back down and hammer out a peace treaty for real this time, once again with an able assist from Paige, who was sort of the quiet hero of this episode all around between her insider knowledge of foreign culture and the like and her audacious flirting with the tour guide at the animal sanctuary. In a way, she was the one who really saved the day here, and proved that one need not have a genius IQ to solve complicated issues.

Though I liked that aspect of the show and the basic plot in general, as the show is wont to do sometimes, the general game-plan of the team was somewhat unnecessarily convoluted, or at the very least, confusingly explained, which occasionally made what was going on hard to follow, especially early on. Once you got past that, though, it was a fun episode, especially the stuff with Walter, Happy and Paige and the taco truck and the snake business. (Though- talk about a missed opportunity- they could have made the poison a scorpion’s, but I suppose that might have been too on the nose.)

I’m not entirely sure about the whole logistics of making a snake antidote with a salad spinner (!)- I’m guessing that was a little on the dubious side, scientifically speaking- but to me, the most unbelievable aspect of the show was that Walter could plop right down in a snake pit and not immediately be bitten on all sides by a bunch of ticked off snakes. Even if they didn’t, it seems like when he grabbed for the one snake, the other would have also attacked him from the side because of his quick movement. Then again, I don’t claim to be a snake expert, much less an expert on centrifuges, so who knows? Besides, it would have much more unbelievable if he hadn’t been bitten at all, so at least they didn’t go that far.

That said, though, I really enjoyed the episode, and it’s not like I haven’t had to suspend my disbelief before with the show, so by now, I’m getting used to it. Hey, at least it’s entertaining enough that you don’t really care that much about plausibility, so there’s that. One minor quibble: they never addressed the fact that Walter let it slip that he had planned to ask Paige out. She clearly heard him, yet never really acknowledged it later on, save to hug him when he arranged for her to make her test on time after she was running late. You’d think she might have talked about it to at least one of the team members, though.

On the plus side, we did finally get a Happy and Toby kiss, so that was nice. I loved that it was Toby standing up for himself that put her over the edge, in terms of cutting Toby some slack and acknowledging that there was indeed something between the two of them after all, after denying it for so long. Nothing like a little mortal danger to get people wound up for some lovin’!

What did you think of the latest episode of “Scorpion”? Were you also a bit confused early on? Or was that just me? Did you buy all the virtual reality cover-up stuff going on? Or that the team could put a “noose” around outside communication? How about the business with Walter and the snakes? Was it believable to you or a bit far-fetched? Did you feel bad for the taco truck owner? (I certainly hope they reimbursed him for the damage done and picked him up later on!) Do you think Paige understood what Walter meant when he was babbling while he was recovering from the snake bite? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you next time!