The Fosters “Justify the Means” Review (Season 2, Episode 19)


Do the ends really justify the means?

The answer to that question is deep in the gray area where the latest episode of The Fosters is concerned. At first it seemed that Stef (series lead Teri Polo) wanted Callie (series lead Maia Mitchell) to talk to her biological dad Robert (recurring guest star), asking for more time before she went to live with him.

The reason behind this situation is one that everyone, including Stef and wife Lena (series lead Sherri Saum), are now aware: Callie was afraid to tell her foster family the truth about Daphne taking her little girl from the park only to return her to her foster parents with an assist from Callie and Brandon (series regular David Lambert).

But now that they know, the moms want to do everything they can to keep Callie, including helping Callie to get emancipated, keeping Robert out of the loop on their plans and adopting her. This is yet another gray area, but it’s not really the whole truth.

Turns out that Stef has been investigating Robert since they learned the truth about him. The big problem with that is that Stef has kept her investigation a secret from Lena, who finds out about it when she was using Stef’s laptop to look at baby cribs (more on that in a second!). Stef learned that Robert has been having an affair, and she used that photographic proof against him to get the extra time for Callie.

So many secrets! So many half-truths! When will it all end?

Oh, and about that baby crib. It would seem that despite the moms first deciding to not adopt Ana’s (recurring guest star Alexandra Barreto) baby, they have changed their minds. Is that really a good idea? Are they ready to have a baby after so recently losing little Frankie? Are they making this decision just to appease Mariana (series lead Cierra Ramirez)?

Personally, I think they are making a big mistake!

In lesser storyline news, Mariana found out that Emma (recurring guest star Amanda Leighton), the ex-girlfriend of her brother Jesus (series regular Jake T. Austin) was actually a cheerleader in junior high; and she asked Emma to join her newly-created dance team. Despite some initial reservations, Emma auditioned and made the team. Callie also auditioned for the team, more as a show of support for her foster sister than anything else; but she wasn’t very good. I don’t really see the point in focusing on this storyline all that much, but it continues to be part of the show. SIGH!

As for Brandon and the drama of whether he will go on tour or not, that seemed to be resolved, as now the musically-inclined big brother really wants to go to Idlewild. However, the people behind that summer program moved on to someone else until his teacher Mr. Humble (guest star Michael Cassady) explained about Brandon’s accident. Luckily, Brandon was given a second chance, but he will have to audition for his place in the program.

It is a little crazy to me that he keeps waffling back and forth between the tour with the band or this summer music program. The kid just needs to make up his mind! But will he really stick with Idlewild this time around or will he change his mind once again?!

Lastly, there is the issue of Jude (series lead Hayden Byerly) and his friends Connor (recurring guest star Gavin MacIntosh), Daria (recurring guest star Madison Pettis) and Taylor (recurring guest star Izabela Vidovic) racing out of Taylor’s own house late at night with that shot ringing out from her dad’s gun. That is so obviously not going to end well.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Are you sick of the storyline with Mariana’s dance team? Do you want to see Brandon finally make up his mind? Are Stef and Lena really going to go through with the adoption of Ana’s baby? Will Mike (series regular Danny Nucci) try to stop the adoption since he expressed interest in adopting the baby? What will Stef not do to keep Callie, as it seems she will do almost anything at this point? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of ‘The Fosters’ will air on ABC Family on Monday, March 16 at 8/7c.