The Walking Dead “Forget” Review (Season 5 Episode 13)

The Walking Dead Forget Season 5 Episode 13 02

The Walking Dead returned tonight with yet another one of their clever episode titles. They’ve done alliteration in the past (“Infected”, “Isolation”, “Indifference”, & “Internment” in season 4, and then “Consumed”, “Crossed”, and “Coda” in season 5), but now they’re doing a call and response thing with last week’s title being “Remember”, followed by this week’s “Forget.”

The majority of the episode had to do with getting a little more background on how life in Alexandria works, and if it would be possible for Rick’s group to overthrow them if need be. The little that we learned about these characters last week gave us the impression that these people are pretty soft and detached from the realities of the outside world, and tonight’s episode definitely solidified those suspicions. The opening scene between Sasha and new character Olivia illustrated that perfectly, when Olivia asked her for a boar leg so she could make prosciutto. Sasha of course continued to have issues with the Alexandrians’ wastefulness and aloof attitude, which led to her leaving the city at the end of the episode. I’m not sure if she left willingly, or if Deanna kicked her out, but I suspect we’ll see a lot less of her going forward. She’s really not the most interesting character anymore now that both her lover and brother have been killed off, so I guess the writers wanted to get her out of the way with only three episodes left. I’m not sure why Sasha expected walkers to horde her during her target practice, though. You’re using a silencer, Sasha! Take that sucker off and they’ll come running!

There’s been a lot of discussion and speculation on the topic of Daryl’s sexuality for a while now, so when he started hanging out alone with Aaron and then got invited in for dinner, I thought that this topic was finally going to be broached. It turns out that Aaron had different plans in mind, and that he wanted him to be his second recruiter, which Daryl actually seemed pretty excited about. I’m glad that they didn’t try to pursue any kind of relationship between Daryl and Aaron. Not that I have anything against gay relationships on TV, but they’ve already established Aaron and Eric as such a close and loving couple that it wouldn’t feel real if Aaron ran off to the next hunky guy that walks into the camp.

We met a few more new characters tonight, and we started with a couple husbands tonight of previously introduced characters. We got Deanna’s husband Reg and Jessie’s husband Pete, and both of these guys seem nice, but I get the feeling from both that they have a dark side that’s not being revealed. Reg seems to have been through some serious stuff putting this community together, and now he seems to be hiding some real darkness behind those eyes. We got very little of Pete, except we know from last week that he was kind of a jerk to Rick and that he’s the other husband in the way of Rick and Jessie getting together, which means that I guess we’re supposed to root against him. This whole Jessie/Rick relationship is pretty weird, though, so I might be the only one rooting for Pete to stay with his wife. Finally, we met Deanna’s other hunky son, Spencer. He seems nice, but so did Aiden at first, and he turned out to be a psychopathic douchebag. I’m sure we’ll see more of him in the future, since all we got tonight was his swing-and-a-miss attempt at Sasha.

Tonight gave me the same feeling that I had last week, when I felt like this show has turned into something completely different. Seeing all of our characters cleaned up and dressed all fancy is so jarring, and watching people make small talk over beers and hors d’oeuvres is such a huge difference from where this show was just a couple weeks ago. In some ways it comes off distracting and strange, but then you get an awesome scene like the one between Carol and Sam and it totally makes sense why they’re doing this.

All of this wining and dining and Rick shaving and getting a haircut is supposed to make the show feel safe and comfortable, which throws all of the dark and dangerous scenes into sharp contrast. Just a couple weeks ago the frequent zombie attacks and scrounging for food was all the show was, so seeing them make such an abrupt change really makes those dangerous moments feel a lot more dangerous. Also, how great was Melissa McBride tonight? I wasn’t sure I liked her playing possum and talking about Ed last week, but seeing her flip that switch again and threaten the death of a little boy at the drop of a hat was freakin’ sweet. It’s also so weird seeing her smile so much to all of the other Alexandrians. We’ve rarely seen her smile for the past five seasons, and it looks like her face isn’t meant to do that.

I definitely feel like we’re being purposefully lulled into a false sense of security and comfort, only for everything to be upended and blown up in the next few episodes. Part of me questions why Rick and the rest of the crew feel the need to take over the Alexandrians, considering that the majority of them are safe and happy there, but I’m sure we’ll get a better reason in the next couple episodes. The season finale is called “Conquer,” after all.

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Random Thoughts:

– So the “W” carved on the walker’s head was actually an upside down “M” for “Morgan,” right? Also, did anybody else notice the street sign behind Rick when he was walking Jessie and Pete walking in the final scene? “Morgan Place!”

– The blood splatter on the camera when Aaron shot the walker in the field was a new one for me. They don’t often get blood on the lens, do they?

– I know this is kind of a weird reference, but Sasha freaking out at the party reminded me a lot of Katniss being upset about the Capital’s overeating in the first Hunger Games.