The Good Wife “Mind’s Eye” Review (Season 6 Episode 14)

The Good Wife Minds Eye Season 6 Episode 14 02

Well, that was…different.

The Good Wife returned tonight with what will surely go down as one of the most divisive episodes in the show’s history in “Mind’s Eye.” Alicia’s mind must be on a million things at once over the course of this show, so tonight we actually got to see what that’s like for her.

The two things that Alicia’s brain kept bouncing back and forth between was dealing with a wrongful eviction suit from Canning and preparing for an important interview for her campaign. The suit ended up being just as much of a nuisance as Alicia originally thought, as it just added up to nothing in the end. Canning went to the hospital, and Lee continues to be an irritating turncoat. Has Lee had any allegiance to anyone? Ever? I get that this is just part of his character and all, but it’s getting tiring at this point.

The more interesting side of Alicia’s brain was preparing for her interview, which involved quite a lot of fantasies with a lot of different men. I had no idea that she really felt that way about Johnny Elfman or Finn Polmar, or that she still felt that strongly about Will. Part of me wishes that the whole Finn Polmar thing was in the past, or that the kiss with Johnny was a one-off deal, but apparently she still has some feelings for both of them. It’s possible that she doesn’t have any emotional attachment to either of these guys, and that she was just super horny and imagined having sex with the attractive men in her life, but I’m afraid that she’ll eventually pursue some kind of romantic involvement with one of them soon. Just hold off, Alicia! Stay single! You don’t need a man in your life!

Weirdly enough, the show that I kept being reminded of tonight was Showtime’s recently ended series Dexter. Obviously the actual content of these two series are nothing alike, but because the character Dexter Morgan had a somewhat irritating inner monologue that always told you exactly what Dexter was thinking and feeling at every time. Some people liked it, but I always thought of it as a crutch. If you are writing your show well enough, and if your main character is a good enough actor, then you should never need to have an inner monologue. We should know what your characters are thinking and feeling by their actions and facial expressions. That’s what bugged me a bit about tonight’s episode. It’s like the creators wanted to clear up how Alicia feels about everything, when I was just fine inferring everything myself through their great writing and Margulies’ great acting.

Speaking of the writers, the cast and crew of The Good Wife hosted their panel yesterday at the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles, where the Kings were asked about why Kalinda and Alicia have not shared a scene since half way through season four. Actually, as of this episode, it’s been exactly two seasons since they appeared together. That is a crazy amount of time for two main characters to avoid screen time together, so they said that they are purposefully keeping the characters separate so that their eventual reunion will be more impactful. I don’t buy this for a second. The Kings also said that they kept them separate because Alicia found out that Kalinda slept with Peter. I also don’t buy this for a second, because Alicia found that out in the finale of season two and they didn’t split them up until halfway through season four. If that was really the reason they wanted to split them, then they would have split them up right away.

That’s why it really bothered me that Alicia was still so hung up on Peter cheating with Kalinda. Peter has been unfaithful with lots of people over the course of the show, more recently with Ramona and possibly that blond intern a while ago, so getting so hung up on Kalinda all this time later is just lame. It seems like the Kings are trying to make us believe that the reason Alicia and Kalinda aren’t appearing together is because Kalinda slept with Peter. Your actors don’t seem to like each other, guys. Just admit it already!

After all of this build up we never even saw Alicia’s interview! I’m not sure if we’ll see it next week or not, but I guess we’ll see.

What did you guys think about this crazy episode? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– Julianna’s sick voice was pretty cute and funny at first, but by the end of the episode it definitely got pretty old.

– Man, Zack looks totally different in those scenes on the park bench!

– I get that they maybe couldn’t have actually convinced Josh Charles to appear in those scenes, but they should have just completely blacked out his face. That dark silhouette of some other dude looked nothing like Josh Charles. Why bother if you can’t get the real thing?!