Helix “Vade in Pace” Review (Season 2 Episode 8)

Helix - Season 2

In this week’s Helix, Michael’s plan succeeds and most of the abbey is wiped out from the poison. Amy and her cronies are spared, and Michael orders them to “purify” the CDC. What bothers me here is that Amy and company knew what was coming and didn’t act against Michael sooner to save all the people. Sure, she was in the glass case, but she knew it would happen and she could’ve talked to Landry about it.

The bottom line is that Amy is just as crazy as her father. She’s cunning and manipulative. That’s not to say that she doesn’t have her moments. Considering that Michael just committed mass murder, it’s satisfying that he gets what’s coming to him courtesy of Amy. I love the way she stands up to him and the look on her face when they start shoring up the pit. I especially love the “Michael” plaque she places over the tomb. That was hilarious.

Alan’s attempt to connect with Sarah is perfect. I loved it when he corrected her and said, “Our baby.” This reaffirms that Alan is a good guy and makes it easier to trust his judgment when it comes to going after Ilaria.

When Peter says he has associates coming to the island soon, I don’t think he’s talking about the Coast Guard, who finally shows up. I was surprised that the Coast Guard leader hadn’t heard about Alan being a wanted man. Or maybe she has and isn’t disclosing that yet. I assume by the ruins of the abbey in the future that the “containment” of the virus is going to involve bombing the island. This is a solid decision. Why wouldn’t Peter want them to destroy the island? I’m guessing because Ilaria has other plans.

I wasn’t anticipating that Sarah would reveal her immortality to Kyle. When she drinks the honey to prove her immortality, nothing happens. Which makes me wonder if the disease Julia is suffering from in the future is something other than the pathogen from the island. Otherwise, wouldn’t Sarah also get sick? She and Kyle seem to be getting closer. Is it possible that there is a romance in the future for the two of them? That would free up Alan for Julia to make a move. I prefer Alan with Sarah, though, so I hope this isn’t the case.

Finally, it looks like there’s a reason for the sick people running around in the forest. They are consuming something that is staving off the effects of the pathogen. How interesting that Peter doesn’t want the group to stay on the island and find a cure for the pathogen. That’s got to be because he wants the disease to spread, or he wants everyone off the island when Ilaria arrives. It was fantastic when Alan stormed out and Peter tried to stop Sarah from going after him. He tells her that she will be off his team. Her response: “It was never your team, Peter. You were just keeping Alan’s chair warm.” Oh, snap! Score one for Sarah.

Sarah confronts Amy, who tells her that the baby is still alive. Amy reassures Sarah, “No one here would ever hurt a baby.” Wow, not so comforting when there’s a bunch of dead children in the chapel. I think everyone can agree that Amy is hilarious in her evilness. It’s fantastic that she’s put up a portrait of Michael on the wall.

In the future, Julia makes her way into the abbey while making an audio log. Has she been doing this all season? I don’t recall her narrating events like that. If she hasn’t been, it would be kind of random to start now. She ends up busting Michael out of the pit and tells him that she came to the island 30 years ago looking for him. It wasn’t unexpected that he turned on her. It was shocking, though, when Michael was decapitated. It was awesome! It also made me wonder, though, what was the point of most of the Michael storyline. It could have been significantly shortened.

Is the consensus that Caleb is Sarah and Alan’s child? He’d be about the right age. But, that also raises the question of how come Caleb would age, but other immortals do not. We know that Sarah’s baby is immortal because it blinked its creepy silver eyes while floating in the jar.

I feel like Helix has finally realized its potential and hope it continues through the end of the season.