Good Witch “Running Scared” Episode 2

Good Witch Episode 2 “Running Scared” airs on Saturday March 6th at 8pm on Hallmark Channel. In tonight’s episode, Middleton’s favorite raven-haired enchantress Cassie (Catherine Bell) encounters a troubled young woman named Ashley (Rayisa Kondracki), who shows up to Grey House looking for a place to stay—or hide. Next door, in the aftermath of his son Nick’s (Rhys Matthew Bond) trouble at school, Sam (James Denton) is making an attempt at discipline, but struggling to find a balance that won’t push Nick away. After being caught between Sam and Nick, Grace (Bailee Madison) is doing everything she can to avoid Nick, but soon finds herself a pawn in another one of his lies—and this time, it involves her best friend Anthony (Shane Harte). Using her special intuition, and some of Cassie’s sage advice, Grace conjures up a plan to expose Nick’s lie to Sam, who must finally take charge of his relationship with his son. Meanwhile, Middleton is preparing for the annual Heritage Festival, including a 10K race and grand ball, and bistro owner Stephanie (Kylee Evans) literally runs after Sam (James Denton), hoping to spark a romantic connection and get a date to the dance. Then, as a suspicious Brandon (Dan Jeannotte) is eager to investigate Ashley’s background, one of Cassie’s magical coincidences draws Ashley and Police Chief Derek (Noah Cappe) together, leaving each spellbound. But when a stranger comes to Cassie claiming to know Ashley, and reveals a long-kept secret, Cassie is caught in the middle of Ashley’s lies, and the good witch must delve deeper into Middleton’s new mystery.

Show Summary: “Good Witch” will take viewers on a new magical journey with Cassie Nightingale (Bell) and her bright, young-teenage daughter Grace (Madison), who shares her mom’s special intuitive charm. When Sam, a doctor (Denton), and his teenage son move in next door to Grey House, they are immediately charmed by the “magical” mother-daughter duo and wonder is it really magic, a lucky coincidence or just a special intuitive insight only this family possesses? Based on one of the network’s most successful Original Movie franchise of all time, “Good Witch” will inspire with each intriguing episode and will have viewers immediately charmed by the quaint town of Middleton – which is in store for new changes, big surprises, and, of course, a little bit of magic!

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