Hart of Dixie “61 Candles” Review (Season 4 Episode 8)

Hart Of Dixie 61 Candles Season 4 Episode 8 01

From the start of the show, Lemon and Zoe have remained antagonists to each other. This is pretty much unheard of on a show that’s been running for four seasons, but the two leading ladies have never, and probably will never, be fast friends. They’re pretty much joint protagonists at this point, too, but continue to represent the two opposing sides of Hart of Dixie‘s tone.

So it’s kind of nice to see them attempt to find common ground so close to the show’s end, and the episode did a good job of not ignoring the obvious differences and rivalries that have defined their relationship since the beginning. Let’s not forget that Zoe went after Lemon’s partner of 15-years, as much as the show has attempted to erase all memory of ‘Zeorge’ from itself.

But now Lemon and Lavon are an item – established in a rather rushed little sequence placed startlingly close to the start of the episode – and Zoe, Wade, Lemon, Lavon and a newborn baby are now going to have to share a home. Zoe doesn’t want things to change, evident in her decision to stay living with her loser best friend’s spare room, but the last thing Lemon is willing to budge on is time alone with Lavon in his own home.

It’s all silly fun, which is welcome when those involved are Zoe and Lemon, and the end result is a nicely understated little kinship between them that should carry us through to the series finale. Harley’s duck was a beautiful touch, and it was lovely that Lemon, rather than Wade, was able to offer Zoe some sort of connection to her family.

George and Anna Beth’s story also had to do with family, as George attempted to keep his sideline gig in music management a secret from his disapproving parents. It was all a bit pointless, especially the message at the end from his suddenly super-laid back father, but seeing this new couple interact here really demonstrated what an unexpectedly wonderful decision it was to pair them off. They’re adorable, in other words.

I can’t say I ever enjoy Brick-centric storylines, but this one felt especially superfluous after two solid weeks of great Breeland drama. Poking fun at Brick can sometimes work, sometimes not, and this was one case where it just felt like it was filling time in the episode.

What did you think? Did seeing Wade holding a baby melt your heart like it did mine? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.