12 Monkeys “Yesterday” Review (Season 1 Episode 8)

While not as emotionally impactful as last week’s episode, 12 Monkeys did an amazing thing this week, with “Yesterday” finally elevating the future scenes to a place where they can be just as engaging and interesting as the present-day material. The episode might’ve been hurt by the unnecessary presence of Cole, but it was still one of the show’s better outings.

It would’ve been nice for the tension on Cole’s death to hold longer than the first commercial break. I know he was never really in danger of being taken out of the show, but there was a lot of good material that worked without him this week. It’s not a bad thing that the show can maintain itself without the main character around, and I would’ve liked the focus to fall more on the supporting cast this week.

Because there just wasn’t a need to focus on Cole this week. Aside from the fact him surviving the drone strike was a pretty tough pill to swallow, all he did was sit in that hole waiting to get rescued. There weren’t even any moments of introspection for him; the show would just occasionally return to him sitting there waiting. Honestly, him being found in 2017 could’ve just as easily been the tag and had the same effect.

For once, the scenes in 2043 were the best part of the episode, finally introducing us to a legitimate threat to Project Splinter in the form of Jones’ old colleague Foster. Foster makes a far better future villain than the West 7; while they were every bit the random gang of thugs they seemed like, Foster comes across as a legitimate rival to Jones’ intelligence and drive. The two are different sides of the same coin, similar in conviction to their beliefs and unwilling to hear the other side out. Yes, Foster is shown as more outright villainous given his history, but the similarities are striking nonetheless.

And maybe Foster does offer false hope, but it’s not as if Ramse isn’t starting to feel that way about Jones as well. While it was admittedly was a bit clunky and convenient to have Ramse’s old flame working at Spearhead, the discovery that he has a son gives him a legitimate reason to believe in Foster’s work. He’d rather see his son have a future than dedicate himself to rescuing the past.

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