Vikings “Warrior’s Fate” Review (Season 3 Episode 3)

Vikings Warriors Fate Season 3 Episode 3 01

This week’s Vikings had some good and some not so good moments. I enjoyed the scenes in Kattegat with the mysterious visitor, Harbard. I also liked the family drama with Porunn, Bjorn, Ragnar, and Rollo. It feels like the Vikings have overstayed their time in England and need to move on. It just doesn’t feel as Vikings-y (that’s a historical term) with the group in England.

I’m unclear exactly how much time has supposedly passed. It’s either an exceptionally long time, or Lagertha is brilliant and has mastered the English language in a matter of weeks. This part is ridiculous. The fact that we normally hear her speak English (which we know is supposed to be her speaking a Nordic language that we happen to understand) with a Viking accent makes it strange to hear her now with a British accent. This all feels really unnecessary. This storyline is a way to keep Lagertha involved in the narrative, but there’s something about it that’s not working. Lagertha cannot seriously believe that an English king would woo a Pagan farmer.

Ecbert views Lagertha as a way to pass the time while he’s waiting for the Viking campaign to finish in Mercia. He may be open-minded with his Roman frescoes, but Ecbert is going to draw a line at ritual animal sacrifice. He uses his gross old bath to seduce Lagertha, but that’s as far as it’s going to go. That scene with all of them hanging out in the tub was just gross. At least Judith realizes that it’s wrong.

Ecbert all but admits to his men that he’s biding his time to move against the Vikings. He doesn’t have any intention of integrating them into England. He’s using Ragnar. I don’t think Ragnar is stupid enough not to see this, though. I had to laugh when Ecbert rode up to Lagertha and hopped off his horse. He struck me as a cross between Count Rugen and Prince Humperdinck from The Princess Bride. He sticks around for the sacrifice to Frey, but has a look of extreme discomfort on his face. In juxtaposition with the sacrificial sequence we had in season 1, this fell flat.

Like Lagertha, Athelstan is also falling victim to an aggressive seduction. Judith isn’t holding back and he is not going to be able to resist her much longer. There are rumors swirling that Athelstan may die this season. If he does, I bet it will be because of Judith.

Out on the battlefield, Kwenthrith continues her campaign of irritation, while Floki becomes increasingly agitated by the Vikings’ alliance with the Christians. Ragnar seems like he’s sick of listening to both of them. Floki wants to know if Ragnar has embraced Christianity. I don’t have the impression that he has at this point. Ragnar has too much pressing on him at the moment to coddle Kwenrith or Floki.

Torstein’s injuries are too severe for him to survive, so he makes the decision to head first into battle. It was good that he got a warrior’s death. The battle between the Vikings and the army of Kwenthrith’s brother was great, even if the background music was irritating. But Porunn is out of her depth. She takes a pretty ferocious beating. Ragnar is pissed when he finds out that she is pregnant and Bjorn let her come on the campaign. Ragnar had more control over Lagertha than Bjorn has over Porunn. He’s ashamed his son isn’t stepping up. It will be interesting to see what Porunn’s face looks like and how that will change her relationship with Bjorn.

Back in Kattegat, things are getting interesting with Harbard. Siggy is the only one who is suspicious of his intentions. Since she is also the most duplicitous of the women, I would trust her instincts here. It’s odd that he doesn’t know how he cut his hand. You’d think that would be a memorable event. It was also completely stupid for Aslaug to invite him in and then tell him how Ragnar and the men are all gone. Someone needs a lesson in stranger danger.

There are lots of things that do not add up about Harbard. He sounds like Floki, but I don’t think he’s crazy like Floki. He seems wily. He was able to quiet the baby, so it seems like he’s benevolent. But I’m pretty sure that Harbard has something to do with the dead children. He looked super shifty and even Siggy noticed.

Siggy goes to the Seer to get information about Harbard. The Seer seems completely freaked out. He’s twitchy and keeps looking over his shoulder. He doesn’t want to help Siggy. He tells her, “It’s true. No one can help you.” I think we know from past experience that Siggy is capable of helping herself.