The Amazing Race “Murphy’s Law” Review (Season 26 Episode 3)

The Amazing Race MurphysLaw Season 26 Episode 3 01

The Amazing Race returned tonight with “Murphy’s Law”, as the teams get a big separation right out of the gate when leaving Nagano, Japan and making their way to Phuket, Thailand.

The first batch of teams were able to get tickets for a flight that arrived in Thailand at 4:50 PM, then a few more came in a few hours later, then Team Blonde Date got in at midnight, but then Team New Kid got in at 9:35 AM! Usually the flights will separate the teams by only a couple hours, so being separated by 17 hours was definitely quite a shock! However, the teams arrived in Phuket to a pretty substantial equalizer that made the last team depart only 35 minutes before Team New Kid got there! The separated flights and the subsequent equalizers are going to be a part of every Amazing Race season, and they will always bother some fans. On one hand it might not seem fair that teams that were able to find a flight that’s so substantially ahead of other teams should be rewarded, but on the other hand it completely destroys the suspense of the show if one team is so far behind that it’s a foregone conclusion that they’re going home. I guess I just have to realize that it’s a reality of the show that’s not going away and try to enjoy it regardless. They can’t manufacture extra flights for everybody out of thin air, and they also can’t make all of the challenges open 24/7.

None of the teams seemed to upset about being equalized either, since they got to party in Phuket! This is one area of the world that’s known for it’s pretty hardcore partying, so it was nice to see some of the teams participating in that. I hope they get more opportunities to have fun in the future, especially since so many of these teams are still getting used to each other.

The detour was a good one, as it split the teams into two challenges that were both pretty fun to watch. Unfortunately, the wake boarding one ended up being so hard that not even the olympians could complete it! I really feel like the producers need to playtest these challenges a bit more to make sure that they’re possible for normal people to complete. There’s been a few challenges recently that nobody could do, and it’s only fun to see somebody bite it on a wake board so many times. Matt and Ashley had a hard time with the challenge, but nobody complained about it as much as Hayley did. Look, I realize that Blair was being kind of a punk and not listening to her when he maybe should have, but she would not let that go. How much time did that really take you to get a new tray? Let it go, Hayley!

The Ladyboy challenge was a fun idea, and it’s always funny to see muscular bearded men in full drag, but we just spent a ton of screen time in the premiere episode two weeks ago watching the teams fumble with a choreographed dance. Seeing it happen again with feathers didn’t make it that much better.

At the end of the day, there really wasn’t that much suspense about who would come in last. Thankfully New Kid didn’t get hosed by the bad luck with flights, so hopefully they can come back in the next leg!

Random Thoughts:

– All of the upside down camera angles at that house were making me dizzy.

– How did the people who fell at the wake boarding challenge get back to the starting line?

– That race proposal was very sweet, and it’s nice to see the preexisting couples doing better. I never thought that truck stop couple would have ever made it in first!