Suits “Not Just a Pretty Face” Review Season 4 Finale 2015 – All About Love

Suits - Season 4

In the Suits Season 4 Finale, called “Not Just a Pretty Face,” everyone is talking about love but only a few people end up happier because of it.

The Old Battle-Axe

Norma will go down in history as another one of those genius characters that was never seen, yet somehow managed to have a huge impact. We’ve heard stories about her for years and heard how Louis seemed to hate everything about her, but I knew it wasn’t true. I knew that if he really didn’t like her, he would have gotten rid of her a long time ago. So when she died and all that came out of him was an angry tirade, I waited for his real feelings to emerge.

It was fitting that it was Donna who got Louis to see how he really felt. The man who isn’t afraid to show his feelings still somehow was keeping a wall up around the ones about Norma. Maybe he knew that pain was going to be too hard to bear and couldn’t do it until he had someone by him to help.

Seizing the Day

After Louis’ speech about Norma and not letting another day go by without telling people how you cared about them, Mike took a step I did not see coming. I mean, I thought he and Rachel might get married someday, but I didn’t think it would happen now. Some people might say that his timing was bad and that if he did it only because of what Louis said, their marriage is doomed to fail. But I beg to differ. I hope that Mike’s decision wasn’t so much impulsive as it was just him deciding to go through with something he had been thinking about for a while.

Big Brother Harvey

It was great to finally meet Harvey’s elusive brother and find out all the details of what Forstman did back then. The story was played out beautifully in flashbacks and I loved how Harvey kept fighting for Marcus, even when Jessica told him it was all a pipe-dream. Harvey was confident that if his brother could get one little boost, he could turn his life around – and he was right. Marcus had become a happy family man and I didn’t blame Harvey one bit for not wanting to mess that up.

At the same time, I hated that a guy like Forstman had something to hold over Harvey. I wanted Harvey to find a way to take that bastard down and I literally cheered (and may have tossed around a few choice curse words) when Harvey figured out a way to do just that.

Love is Not All

I found it intriguing how much the word “love” was tossed around in this episode. It seemed like nearly every character said it at one point or another. But what was even more intriguing was how it had many different meanings. Mike and Rachel’s love was very different than the love Louis admitted for Norma – not stronger or weaker, mind you, just different.

When Donna demanded that Harvey define the type of love he felt for her, I wasn’t surprised that he clammed up. I don’t think that’s something he’s ready to admit to yet, or even that he can define it inside his own head. Donna seems ready to admit the definition of the love she has for Harvey, but she’s not going to wait around for reciprocation.

Changing Chairs

With everything that happened in this episode, and there were a lot of big moments, Donna deciding to leave Harvey for Louis was the biggest of all. I love Harvey and Donna’s working relationship, but I also see the appeal for her in working for Louis. She won’t have to wonder about feelings with Louis. He tells her exactly how he feels all the time and there’s none of that messy stuff that is there with Harvey. Like Louis said, he and Donna do share a very special bond.

But while I do look forward to seeing Donna and Louis working together, I hate what that could do to Harvey and Donna’s relationship – even just as friends. It just means it’s going to be a long wait to find out what happens when Suits Season 5 starts this summer.

My favorite bits:

Donna: “Today’s your lucky day.”
Harvey: “Why is that?”
Donna: “Because today is the day you get to meet Donna.” – Oh how I wish I had the guts to use that line.

Harvey’s face when Donna told him that she wasn’t after sex.

Donna being able to spot the fact that Forstman was bad news, without even meeting him.

Harvey saying he didn’t practice law for money, but to bend people to his will.

Harvey’s reaction when Marcus said he was going to ask for money from “that man.”

The entire “love” conversation between Harvey and Donna. That was so not where I expected that to go after the end of the last episode.

All the things Louis said at the funeral home before Donna talked him down. It was almost funny, until suddenly it wasn’t. Damn that man and his tears.

Harvey’s face when he saw all those cars. Like a kid in a candy shop.

Cahill reminding Harvey that Louis’ butt was on the line, too.

Jessica pointing out that she couldn’t help Harvey get his mind right because hers wasn’t exactly there.

Harvey actually admitting to Woodall what Forstman did to him. Wow.

The way Louis once again started a speech that made me want to laugh, but ultimately had me in tears.

Waiting for Harvey to punch Forstman for handling his balls. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.

Harvey getting Forstman to admit to everything – while wearing a wire. That BAMF!

Forstman: “Harvey, this isn’t over.”
Harvey: “Words spoken by every loser I’ve ever met.”

Donna showing up at Harvey’s desk, with coffee that he didn’t even knew he liked yet.

Donna: “I told you I’m not like every other secretary. I’m Donna.”

Harvey’s “Oh my God! This is awesome!” after he tasted the coffee. I had to re-watch that bit a few times, his voice cracked me up so much.

Mike’s proposal to Rachel. I love that it was both impulsive and not, since he called her dad and got his grandmother’s ring cleaned.

Harvey calling his brother. So sweet. Love how they both ended it with “I love you.”

Harvey’s face when Donna walked out.

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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