Backstrom “Enemy of My Enemies” Review Season 1 Episode 7

Backstrom Enemy Of My Enemies Season 1 Episode 7 10

On the latest episode of “Backstrom,” we got another insight into what makes the man the way he is, in “Enemy of My Enemies.” It all began with an act of eco-terrorism that took the life of a security guard when a bomb went off in the vicinity of an oil pipe that was scheduled to expand in the months to come. Clearly, someone didn’t want that to happen, and all signs pointed to student activist Sabine Weiss (Cate Michaud, “Bad City”).

The problem? One of the chief investigators on the case was none other than Backstrom’s father, Blue (Robert Forster, “Jackie Brown”). The other problem was that the suspect was thought to be hiding out on an Indian reservation, as she was part Native American, and the local tribal police, led by Captain Rocha (Adam Beach, “Flags of Our Fathers”) weren’t exactly looking to cooperate.

In fact, no sooner had Backstrom arrived than an all-out brawl erupted between Moto and any number of his “deputies,” aka a bunch of armed guys that rolled up in trucks. With Rocha and company immediately pressing charges, Backstrom was effectively banned from the area, forcing him to work the case from home base.

Though, Blue, seemingly to his credit, tried to help Backstrom’s cause by trading some jailed Native Americans that were outside of Rocha’s jurisdiction in exchange for his dropping the charges against Backstrom and Moto, Backstrom wasn’t keen on accepting any help from a man he claimed pistol whipped him as a child. (This, remarkably enough, turned out to be completely true, lending credence to Backstrom’s hatred of him.) Instead, Backstrom had Niedermayer keep tabs on Blue for him, while he tried to crack the case back home.

The team determined that the bomb used in the earlier incident was unlikely made by Sabine herself, which meant that there had to be a partner involved. This turned out to be classmate Graeme Hellman, who did indeed construct said bomb, using tech from the lab he worked for, Klamath Electronics, run by Klassen, a man with an axe to grind against the oil companies, who had taken out his family’s farm when he was a kid. Eventually, the team tracks Sabine to his house, but she gets away when Gravely is hesitant to fire on her, being somewhat sympathetic to her cause, much to Backstrom’s chagrin.

This proves to be a, ahem, grave mistake, as Sabine sets up another bomb up on the Indian Reservation near a dock and threatens to detonate herself and everyone else in the process. Not helping matters is the arrival of Rocha, once again none too amused to find Backstrom and his team on Indian grounds. A Mexican- or should I say Indian?- standoff goes down, and then Blue shows up and manages to save Backstrom and company’s bacon for the second time, and then talk Sabine down from detonating the bomb, only to arrest her and take the collar for himself, instead of his own son.

This turned out to be his plan all along, which certainly doesn’t help matters insofar as the relationship between him and his son was concerned. Then again, Blue knew that when he antagonized him, knowing full well that Backstrom would drive Sabine out of hiding, thus giving him a window of opportunity to snag her himself, which he obviously took advantage of. Like father, like son, as they say. Guess we know where he got it from.

That was about it, really, but it was a solid enough episode overall. Meeting Backstrom’s father certainly shed a lot of light on why he is the way he is- clearly, the apple doesn’t fall far from that particular tree. It’s always nice to see Forster as well, who I’ve liked since I saw him in “Jackie Brown” back in the day. (Some of my older readers may also recall him from action flicks like “Delta Force,” “American Yakuza” and Tarantino favorite “Medium Cool.”)

The case was moderately interesting, and Backstrom got off some great wise-cracks throughout, my personal favorite being the wry “Caddyshack” joke he made when he saw footage of the bomb going off near a country club and said: “Are we going after the gopher or the guy trying to blow up the gopher?” LOL. Backstrom’s humor is definitely growing on me, I must say.

One relatively minor complaint: I hated to see Adam Beach wasted in a nothing part like he was here. He was great in the likes of “Windtalkers” and “Smoke Signals” and deserved better here. I get that his role almost had to be diminished in light of the whole subplot with Backstrom’s father, but why hire an actor of Beach’s caliber if you’re not going to use him, and use him well, you know? So, as nice as it was to see him here, I hate that he was essentially misused in what amounted to a glorified cameo.

Beyond that, though, it was an enjoyable episode, and nice to see Sarah Chalke drop by again, albeit briefly. Long enough for Backstrom to steal a smooch, anyway, which is something. Maybe there’s hope for those two in the future yet. I guess we’ll have to wait and see as the show will be MIA for the next three weeks, for whatever reason. Until then, “Backstrom” the show, much like the character, continues to grow on me as it goes along.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Backstrom”? Did you also enjoy seeing Robert Forster? Or Adam Beach, for that matter? What did you think of the main case this week? Is there hope for Backstrom and his ex? What type of case would you like to see him tackle next? Sound off down below and see you in a few weeks!