Survivor “It Will Be My Revenge” Review (Season 30 Episode 2)

Survivor Worlds Apart It Will Be My Revenge Season 30 Episode 2 01

In a strange break from the traditional format, tonight’s episode of Survivor did not start with the trademark “blue tint” post tribal scenes that we usually get. Instead, nobody cared enough to talk about eliminating So so I guess I shouldn’t bother wasting precious review space talking about her. I just couldn’t resist the temptation to say “So so” one more time!

Instead of the post tribal scenes, “It Will Be My Revenge” had a different theme this week: Nudity. Yes, all three tribes got into it in varying degrees, starting with Dan on the Blue Collar tribe who lost his “manties” while relieving himself. He then fashioned a janky pair of shirt underwear for himself, which I hope Jeff or the Survivor crew can replace with regular undies pretty soon.

The nudity streak continued on the White Collar tribe, as both Max and Shirin dropped trow around the camp. I don’t know why Max things it’s a “strategic” move to strip down and go naked, though. He’s a self professed student and teacher of the game, so he should realize that isolating yourself and skinny dipping in the water is not a good way to endear yourself to your team. Just because Richard Hatch also went naked does not count as a reason for two reasons. First, Hatch only got naked once as a joke, and his team loved it. These guys are clearly less enthused about Max’s nudity. Second, that was 29 seasons ago, and the game has evolved and matured drastically since that season. Social game is much more important than it was back in that first season.

Speaking of making bad decisions, Nina was being annoying when the skinny dipping fad made its way to the No Collar tribe. Look, I get that it must be tough for her to be deaf, but you’d think she would have gotten used to it after years of having to interact with other people and not being able to hear them. The girls did clearly say that they were going skinny dipping, and they were inviting the tribe, but maybe Nina just didn’t hear them. Even if they did exclude her on the swim, you need to know enough about this game that you shouldn’t blow up on your team mates and throw a hissy fit about being excluded. Even if the girls don’t like you, but it’s not because you’re deaf. It’s mostly because you’re old. This is what happens on Survivor every season, Nina! All of the young, pretty girls become friends and they typically don’t want to go skinny dipping with the 54 year old lady! Does that suck? Yeah. But maybe you can just brush it off and not make a big scene about it that puts a target on your back.

Vince’s psycho jealousy of Dan continued tonight, when he confronted him and demanded that he admit to his faults. Dude, this guy is cray cray. I feel like the whole No Collar thing is a good idea in theory, but there’s a difference between being a regular person with a No Collar mentality and a crazy dude who wears feathers in his hair and sells coconuts and talks like an insane person. Vince reminds me of a homeless guy that starts talking to you when you’re walking out of a restaurant and it makes you really uncomfortable.

The No Collar tribe was predictably scatterbrained and all over the place when it came to the pre-tribal scramble, but they ended up getting rid of Mr. Cray Cray and they sent Vince home! Of course he’s the first one voted out of his tribe, and of course he vows in his elimination interview that he was going to get them all out. Sure you were, bud.

Oh, and maybe Jeff needs to reconsider how he reads that final vote. “The second person voted out of Survivor: Blue Collar versus White Collar versus No Collar…” is a little too long winded. How about shortening it to “The second person voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart”?

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Random Thoughts:

– Why was Dan going to the bathroom in the water? I always assumed the contestants did their business out in the woods. Going in the waves does not seem like the most sanitary option, especially when it’s apparently so easy to fall over and…eww…

– Wow, Jeff’s voice was totally going during that challenge! The dude yells all the time and you never hear it get that bad.

– Will’s saying water is the black man’s kryptonite was the funniest part of the episode for me. I was going to mention something about that, but I didn’t want to get in trouble. Thanks for saving me, Will!