Justified “The Hunt” Review (Season 6 Episode 7)

Justified The Hunt Season 6 Episode 7 05

I have always been a big Raylan/Winona fan, so I was delighted to see her back on Justified this week. I can’t imagine any ending to the show that I will like that does not include Raylan back together with her and their daughter. I have some growing concerns, though, that I’ll get into below.

We pick up with the hunt for Walker, which Raylan skips out on so he can go hang out with Winona and the baby. Seeing him with his child has been a long time coming. My favorite part about the family reunion is how frazzled Winona is. There’s none of that sugar coated, “Being a mommy is the best thing in the world!” She’s tired, she’s cranky, and she’s sick of listening to her baby cry non-stop. This is far closer to reality than the idealized visions of motherhood that we typically see on television. She’s spent a day on the plane to get up to Kentucky from Florida, and complains she’s had a “demon child attached to my boob.” People can love their children while still acknowledging that hours of screaming will drive you crazy. It’s sweet when Raylan takes the baby so she can sleep, and Winona replies, “What is this sleep you speak of?”

Throughout their time together, Winona is clearly fishing for a response from Raylan. She tells him that her mother is trying to set her up with another man because she wants to provoke some kind of response. No dice. She drops hint after hint that she knows what he’s like and accepts it. Still nothing. Because Raylan is particularly dense, Winona just has to come out and say it—she loves him and wants to be with him, despite his limitations. It was an incredibly sweet moment and Natalie Zea looked lovely.

What worries me about the Raylan/Winona reconciliation is that happiness is going to be snatched away from him. If Raylan dies in the end of the show, I am going to be so incredibly angry. He’s done a lot of good for the people of Kentucky…let him have a long life like Art.

Meanwhile, Ava is facing the consequences of Limehouse’s call to Boyd. She doesn’t know about the call, but knows that Boyd is acting strange. He insists the go to his family’s cabin in the woods. He insists she take a shot of whisky. Then he drags her out to the woods before dawn to go hunting. I had to laugh at Ava’s stylish “hunting jacket.” I just can’t picture any female hunter actually wearing a tailored coat to the woods.

As all this is happening, Boyd is becoming progressively aggressive. He demands Ava hit him, and after she does he chokes her. I have a hard time believing that Ava can love Boyd when she has bruises from his fingers all over her neck. I thought there was a decent chance that Boyd would shoot Ava. I wouldn’t have seen it coming, which would make it in line with the show. But, judging by the preview for next week, Ava’s alive and kicking.

However, Boyd has pieced together Ava’s behavior. When confronted, she admits she’s a CI for Raylan and that she sold Boyd out. She finally confesses that she’s still pissed that Boyd left her in prison. Boyd’s first response is to ask if she slept with Raylan. The end up professing their love for one another, but I’m still not sure I believe Ava. I’m kind of thinking she’s like Katherine Hale in training. If it turns out Catherine turned on Grady, having Ava do the same thing to Boyd would be interesting.

There is still uncertainty about who ratted Grady out. I feel like the more the point at Markham, the less likely it’s him. I loved the scene with Markham and Art at the Marshal’s office. I like having Art back in the office. He got in some good jabs, even about Raylan’s baby, “What a relief she doesn’t look like you! Good for her!” Rachel is a little too much of a hard ass to fill Art’s shoes. It was funny, though, when she scoffed at holding the baby and asked if Raylan had asked Gutterson, too. Touché!

Things aren’t going well for Walker and it seems like there’s not much left for this character. After removing the bullet from his shoulder, he kills a couple of paramedics and heads off into the woods. Markham isn’t eager to welcome him back into the fold, so who knows what Walker will do next.

It looks like next week we’re heading for a confrontation between Boyd and Raylan. This maybe the episode where they put it all on the table and we see how things may shake out.