Criminal Minds “Lockdown” Review (Season 10 Episode 16)

Criminal Minds Lockdown Season 10 Episode 16 04

Criminal Minds returned tonight with “Lockdown” after being preempted last week by the Amazing Race premiere, and the crew is making their way to Texas following a series of murders at a prison. I was going to make a serious effort to prevent myself from making a joke about Orange is the New Black, but then they went and added in an opening sequence complete with a catchy alternative rock song set to extreme closeups of prisoners. Wow, wherever did they get that idea?!

Anyway, tonight’s episode was written by frequent Criminal Minds writer Virgil Williams and it was directed by Hotch himself, so I expecting to get a pretty well told story. What we got was really the tale of two halves. The first half of the episode was really just a somewhat boring whodunit in a boring setting. You knew from the minute he started ranting at Morgan that Shavers was behind all the bad stuff going down here, and it was revealed pretty early so we didn’t have much time to try to figure it out for ourselves. Also, the setting of a prison doesn’t make for the most visually exciting location for a show like this. The reason it might work on a show like Orange is the New Black is because the prison is filled with an ensemble of interesting and diverse characters. All we had tonight was a bunch of stereotypical white guards and minority prisoners that we’ve seen a million times before.

The best part of the episode came at the end, when Shavers went crazy and released a bunch of prisoners. I immediately assumed that the BAU crew would spring into action and put all of the prisoners back into their cells, so I was somewhat morbidly impressed when they actually killed a guard and were able to capture Morgan and Kate. It’s so rare that the characters in this show ever actually get injured or are in physical danger, so I was glad to see them both a little beat up at the end of the hour. It really raises the stakes if your cast members can actually get hurt a little.

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Random Thoughts:

– It was kinda weird that the warden gave the team so many details of what to do during their stay. Telling them all about the technical limitations, and then instructing them that they can sleep there and the food’s not too good and especially the breakfast and they should bring their own food and blah blah blah. That was a weird amount of logistical details that ended up not meaning anything.

– I’m surprised nobody made a joke when JJ earnestly asked “So we really think this Butler did it?”

– I guess it makes sense since the communications were so bad in this episode, but it was weird seeing so little of Penelope this episode.