Forever “Social Engineering” Review (Season 1 Episode 17)

Forever (ABC) Episode 11 Skinny Dipper (3)

To a certain extent, Forever became a completely different show, which made “Social Engineering” a bit of a bizarre episode. Seriously, with the cybercrime squad taking on the bulk of the investigation, there wasn’t a whole lot for Morgan and the rest of the team to stand around and look useless.

Which is a bizarre angle for the show to take, really. I mean, Forever’s main audience probably isn’t young computer whizzes, so why would the show go so out of its way to make the youthful cybercrime agents look so much more impressive than the main cast. Seriously, Morgan and Hansen both were made to look like idiots while cybercrime rattled off a bunch of technobabble. Honestly, this all felt like a backdoor pilot for some sort of spin-off up until the moment Irene was revealed as the killer.

Anyway, the main focus of this week’s murder investigation led to a conflict between Morgan and Anonymous. Oh, wait, I meant with… nope, it was with Anonymous. I mean seriously, not only was Faceless the exact same as Anonymous, right down to the mask motif, but they more or less called it out with a line from Lucas. It also didn’t help that, again, Morgan was just so out of his element with this episode that the show barely knew what to do with him. Did we really need to see Morgan ignore being blackmailed twice?

On the positive side of things, there were some solid character beats tonight. I complained about it last week, so it was nice to see Morgan and Martinez share a nice moment together while waiting out the gas in the victim’s apartment. Yeah, like a lot of their conversations, it was built around death, but it was still nice to see them connecting. There were good moments like this all over the place tonight, actually, such as Morgan’s attempts to do a little wingman duty for Lucas. It’s small things like this that go a long way towards showing the characters as a team and not just co-workers.

Also, the flashback material was strong again this week, going to a particularly grim place with the story of Morgan’s first wife rediscovering him. It was enough to drive her to a madness she once suspected Morgan of having was a dark fate for the character, and it all led to a cruel twist of ending. For once, the flashback might have been the best part of the episode.

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