Chasing Life “Rest In Peace” Review (Season 1 Episode 18)


This episode of Chasing Life focused heavily on forgiveness and letting go as April struggled with severe anxiety over the possible return of her cancer, giving us one of the best emotional scenes this season. Meanwhile, Brenna tried to figure out what she is going to go after high school while Leo finally shows his humanity.

April & the Pot Cookie
After seeing April suffer a nose bleed last week, fingers were crossed this week that her cancer wouldn’t be back. After getting a clean bill of health from her doctor everyone was relieved. But April just couldn’t shake it off and spent the rest of the episode trying to deal with her feelings and what life would be like if she relapsed. And like real life everywhere she turned death seemed to be staring her down, chasing her…until she took a couple of bites from a pot cookie a cancer friend gave her. Suddenly we were given a very relaxed April. The effects were hilarious! April was finally able to breathe again and find peace in an unexpected place – Dominic’s mother. They both bonded over their relationship with Dom, spoke about jail, cancer, cheating, and life in general.

In my eyes Dominic has been the playboy who April ditched, bruising his ego, which in turn made him look like an angry little boy. But after watching the scenes he shared with April and his mother, I have to say this episode made me like him more. His friendship with April is cute and seems sincere when he takes her home with him after she eats a little too much pot cookie. He lays her on the couch and tucks her in, but she’s already asleep when he tells her he forgives her – words she probably needed to hear.

Brenna & Sara
It’s almost college time and with that realization Brenna has to face what she didn’t do in high school (clubs, extra credit, charity work, ect.) and what she plans on doing with the rest of her life. While she’s shooting for things that make her happy, Sara has painted a completely different picture in her mind of what she wants her daughter’s future to be. In the end, it’s Natalie who makes Sara see things in a different light when she confronts her about her attitude.

After watching him snort cocaine two weeks ago, we finally saw Leo return this week. In his absence, April has been spending some quality time with Dominic. And while the two do make a cute couple, April’s reaction to the news that Leo may have been killed in a crash traveling to New York was a strong indication that she isn’t ready to let him go. Their quiet and very emotional reunion at the end of the episode was great to see. It really did help to redeem Leo in my eyes, who for a split second was looking a lot like an ungrateful, rich spoiled brat that didn’t value his repeated chances at life. During his scene with Sara, we learn that this guilt and the nine lives he has been given is really weighing on him.

Beth & Graham
Wow, Beth’s boss is a little nuts! She was wearing my nerves thin as we watched her run around with her head cut off, catering to Jacqueline’s every need. Luckily, Beth has a great boyfriend who sets up a candle light dinner and asks her to move in with him just when he looks like he might be giving up. Will these two give it a try? Will that leave Dom’s door open to the possibility of a serious relationship with his mystery girl, Natalie?