Girls “Ask Me My Name” Review (Season 4 Episode 7)

Girls Ask Me My Name Season 4 Episode 7 03

Breakups are messy. They’re anything but simple, and it’s often in the very moment you feel the most over that last part of your life you shared with someone that everything comes crashing down in the realization that, actually, you’re far from okay, and maybe you need to just be not-okay for a little while longer.

This episode of Girls, ‘Ask Me My Name’, is Hanna’s moment of realization. She has everything she thinks will make her happier in this post-Adam, post-writing phase of her life but, as soon as she’s faced with those things she left behind, the things she sought to replace them with suddenly seem worthless, fake and a little embarrassing.

The first portion of the episode has Hanna seemingly on top of the world – she’s doing well at teaching, she’s asked on a date by the sweetest, most normal anti-Adam you could imagine, and she appears completely fine with every decision that’s led her to this place.

But then, unbeknownst to the audience, she takes her date to Mimi-Rose’s art show, a transparent attempt to flaunt her new-found contentment in front of Adam and her friends. This is as much a television trope as it is a fact of life, the instinct when you’re still struggling to move on to make a display of any small moment of supposed happiness. Adam didn’t need to do something similar because a) he’s Adam and, b) he has the guilt that Hanna doesn’t bear.

We were shown the validity of Adam and Mimi-Rose’s relationship last week, as Adam came to terms with the differences between this romance and the one he shared with Hanna for so long. In this episode, Mimi-Rose is the mirror to Hanna, aggravating all of her insecurities about both her ability to hold on to Adam, and her stalled career in writing. Both girls are artists first and foremost, but Hanna has lost her will to create.

I have no idea whether she’ll get that confidence back – maybe the endgame for the show is to see her finally succeed in something she finds difficult, to finally push through a road block where before she would have quit and retreated into safety. This is a period for Hanna to figure out who she actually is in contrast to the idea she’s had in her head since the pilot, and Mimi-Rose could end up forming a huge part of that.

What did you think of the episode? Could Jessa be any more abhorrent? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.