The Flash’s Mysterious Dr. Harrison Wells

Wells, Cisco, Snow. Eiling - The Flash

It seems that lately a lot of the TV programs I am watching are based on comic books: Arrow, Constantine, The Walking Dead, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel’s Agent Carter and The Flash. Because I do not read comic books, what I know about the characters on these shows is primarily based on what happens on the programs and sometimes on what I may read about the show in a review. And of course, the TV shows do not slavishly follow the comics, so even if I did read them, there is no guarantee that the same events will occur!

This is all my roundabout way of saying that I have not read The Flash comics and do not know anything about Dr. Wells beyond what we have seen so far on the program. Please be aware that I will be discussing some things from the most recent episodes and preview, so if you are averse to spoilers you might want to come back and read this article at a later time. The flash will not be back with new episodes until March 17, 2015.

Let’s take a look at what we know about Dr. Wells from the 14 episodes that have aired so far and see what questions come to mind.

Brilliant Scientist

the flash pilot 101 07

There is no doubt that Dr. Wells is a brilliant scientist. He is the director at S.T.A.R. Labs and was the driving force behind the particle accelerator, which promised clean energy for Central City. He became a persona non grata after the particle accelerator exploded shortly after being turned on, resulting in casualties and widespread damage along with the creation of metahumans.

Recently it was revealed that he was aware there were problems with the accelerator, and that an explosion was possible once it was started up. Did he go ahead and start up the accelerator on purpose to cause the explosion in order to “create” Barry’s powers? To what end?

Good Team Builder

the flash Fastest Man Alive 102 21

One key ingredient to being a brilliant scientist is assembling a brilliant team to help you in your work. This is certainly true of Dr. Wells. He hired Cisco Ramon, a brilliant and innovative mechanical engineer, and Dr. Caitlin Snow, a brilliant bioengineer. But, what is his endgame? What was his real purpose in assembling this team? Was Caitlin recruited since he knew that he would need someone capable of helping keep Barry alive and bringing him out of his coma? Was Cisco recruited because he is good at creating gadgets that would help Barry develop his powers?

He’s Faking the Wheelchair

Wells - The Flash

Allegedly, Dr. Wells was injured in the explosion of the particle accelerator at S.T.A.R. Labs that created the metahumans. But, it was revealed in the pilot episode that he can walk. So why would he fake his injuries? Why would he pretend to need a wheelchair? Is he looking for some sympathy points with Barry and the gang? Is he trying to cover up the fact he knew about the potential for the explosion by pretending to have been injured? Or maybe he is trying to throw everyone off the idea he is the Reverse Flash – after all, if he can’t walk, then he can’t run, right?

He Has a Secret Room and is Possibly a Time Traveler

Future newspaper - The Flash

Along with his secret ability to walk, he also has a secret room behind a wall with a panel that slides away to access it. It is actually quite a neat effect when the wall opens, but I digress.

In the secret room is an advanced computer that responds to voice commands and talks back to him like an intelligent AI. Not only that, while he was in the secret room during the pilot episode, he viewed an image of a newspaper dated 2024, with the headline that The Flash was missing! How is that related to all of this? And, is he perhaps from the future or has he just traveled there?

He Has a Secret Identity

Wells - The Flash

We know that Wells is the Reverse Flash. His powers are not quite the same as Barry’s though – He wears a power device and he needs to recharge! So, knowing he is the Reverse Flash we must ask: why did he kill Barry’s mom? Was it all part of the future he has seen for Barry? Was it necessary so that Barry would become The Flash? Or, was it just an unfortunate accident?

Protects His Kind

Wells and Eiling - The Flash

Ok, so any mad scientist worth his salt has an underlying reason for being mad. From dialogue in a recent episode, it looks like Dr. Wells has a mission – to protect Barry and other metahumans. But to what end? And, that takes us back to that night that Barry’s mom was killed. We now also know that Barry was there too, possibly fighting against the Reverse Flash. So how does that correlate with protecting his kind?


Do you have any theories or questions about Dr. Wells? Is he good, evil, or a mixture of both? Sound off with your ideas in the comments section below!