The Walking Dead “Remember” Review (Season 5 Episode 12)

The Walking Dead Remember Season 5 Episode 12 01

The Walking Dead continued the solid second half of their fifth season tonight with “Remember,” as Rick and his crew make their way inside Alexandria. And they brought dinner!

You can’t help but feel a little bit of deja vu as tonight’s episode begins and Rick’s group enters the gates of yet another supposed civilized stronghold. We’ve already seen how Woodbury, Terminus, and (to a certain extent) the prison went down, so how is Alexandria going to be any different? We’re retreading old ground here, so it’s a big challenge for The Walking Dead writers to keep this experience fresh. As I said in last week’s review, we know that Alexandria will go south eventually. I don’t think the show will continue with everybody living happily ever after in their new “curb appeal” houses. We just don’t know how things go south quite yet.

Everything was off to a pretty promising start, as Rick meets with Deanna, the leader of Alexandria. She definitely comes off as the no nonsense politician/professional poker player that she claims to be, but she seems to be a lot less immediately creepy and intimidating as The Governor or the Terminans. Tovah Feldshuh brings a great believability to this role. If you just hear her talk to people you immediately buy that she’s an ex-politician. Her requirement for interviews and transparency makes sense, but it’s a

The tone of the episode made it feel like a totally different show. Obviously the abrupt change in location had a big part to play with that, but there was also quite a bit more humor in the episode than usual. This obviously isn’t a show known for its humor, so any episode that makes you laugh stands out like a sore thumb. First of all, the epic saga of the possum was cracking me up. Daryl definitely isn’t known for cracking jokes, so it was hilarious to hear him deadpan “We brought dinner” when the Alexandria gates open. Then he carries the dead possum around during his interview, which looked absolutely ridiculous, and then finally he guts it on the front porch like a psychopath. The dude clearly doesn’t fit in with a domestic lifestyle, so it will be funny to see him trying to hack it in the suburbs for a little while. Can you imagine what he’d look like with a nice shave and haircut, like Rick?!

It’s rare that an episode of The Walking Dead introduces so many new characters all at once, so I’m just going to rapid fire through a few Alexandrians to let you know what I thought. We already covered Deanna, so now we have to cover her douchebag son Aiden. He seemed like such a nice guy at first, so when he first said that he’s a douchebag I was confused. He seemed like a nice guy to me! His douchebag side came out later, when he almost got Tara killed during his supply run, and then got laid out by Glenn. I have a hard time believing that this guy is so pigheaded that he’s not even acknowledging the credibility of Rick’s group as seasoned survival experts. They’ve lived out there with zombies trying to kill them for years now! You’ve been living in the cushy confines of a gated community! Why don’t you listen to the people who clearly know how to handle themselves?!

Enid was a fun addition that actually gives Carl a believable, age-appropriate love interest, unlike Beth. Right now she’s a little boring, playing the standard “quiet, mysterious girl” archetype that we’ve seen a million times before. I’m hoping that Carl can open her up a bit more in the next few episodes.

The most intriguing new character is Jessie, who seemed to be clearly flirting with Rick, but then we find out that she’s got herself a very creepy husband back home. We don’t know exactly what the husband’s deal is quite yet, but he only had about two lines and he’s quickly come across as one of Alexandria’s saltiest inhabitants. I’m sure we’ll get more of him in the next few episodes as well.

For a show that seemed like they were running in place for a little bit, I’m excited to see that they suddenly have a direction for the next few episodes at least. I’m hoping they will find more ways to differentiate this community from the other “sanctuaries” we’ve seen in the past, and I’m excited to see what happens next!

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Random Thoughts:

– It was pretty jarring to see Rick on the bright contrast of Deanna’s video camera. It really threw into focus how dirty and unkempt he is. Good job by the makeup people for still making Andrew Lincoln look that gross under such harsh scrutiny.

– I have that exact same green ball for my 10 month old that Jessie brought for Rick’s baby!

– I loved that Carol was acting like a friendly and helpless old lady to fool the Alexandrians, but I found it odd that she brought up Ed for the first time in years. I realize that it’s all part of her act, but I feel like her character is regressing a little bit when she talks about how much she loved Ed.