Togetherness “Party Time” Review (Season 1 Episode 7)

Togetherness may have four main characters, but the last way you would describe them is as any kind of “core four.” Over the season, these characters have grown so far apart and disparate, that it’s hard to imagine that things were ever really good between them. And while “Party Time” saw the lines of communication open slightly at the end, it’s clear there’s still a long way to go for these characters before they can reconnect. That’s if they’re even meant to, of course.

It was every bit as childish as Michelle pointed out, but Alex and Tina pretending the other didn’t exist wasn’t too far from how the characters are treating one another emotionally. They’re never open with one another, and they’re so caught up in their own lives that they don’t really seem to care about each other anyway. For most of the episode, Alex is too busy being mad to see that Tina really needs some emotional support. Michelle is so excited to see David, she fails to pay attention to what Alex is struggling with. None of these characters are able to count on one another.

It’s why Brett is willing to go to a hippie commune and take shrooms or why Tina wants to move in with Larry even though she might not love him. Because they can’t open up to each other, the main characters are all desperately seeking support from elsewhere. In turn, this keeps them from reconnecting, creating a vicious cycle that threatens to tear them all apart for good.

The one light in the dark is that, through those outside successes, they’re managing to find themselves again. Whether it’s Brett’s drug trip or Michelle’s friendship with David, they’re all remembering or discovering the people they want to be. The question, heading into next week’s season finale, is if that self-discovery will put them in a position to reconnect or lead them to a new sense of independence. If nothing else, maybe Brett will finally just go read Dune and be done with it.

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