The Good Wife “Dark Money” Review (Season 6 Episode 13)

The Good Wife Dark Money Season 6 Episode 13 07

You’ve been gone way too long, Good Wife! I’ve missed you! I’ve had to get by watching reruns in the last month and a half, so I was excited when “Dark Money” started. Not only did I start to get all excited and tingly when I heard those dulcet Good Wife tunes, but I was even more excited when I found out we were getting another Colin Sweeney case!

Sweeney is one of my favorite recurring characters on the show, and he’s played so well by Dylan Baker. Tonight brought us not only the typically smarmy and morose Colin Sweeney, but he was also playing the hilariously overblown English actor that plays him in a movie. I liked that Baker was able to show more sides of his character, whether it be the more emotional and sensitive side or this ridiculous caricature of himself. While it was a lot of fun to see Sweeney again, there were a few things about this case that bothered me. First of all, how does this not count as double jeopardy? He’s already been acquitted of murder, so this lady can’t just decide to retry him all of a sudden. I guess it’s because she’s trying to prove there was no defamation, and that if she actually proved he killed his wife then he would just lose his defamation suit and not go to jail, but I’m surprised they didn’t at least clear that up for us. Also, it was kind of silly that Alicia just pulls up the video and immediately finds a way to settle the case. Diane and Cary spend the whole episode trying to find ways to defend Sweeney, but then it takes about five minutes of Alicia’s concentration and she immediately finds the Chumhum thing. I know that Alicia is the hero of the show, and that she’s supposed to be the one that we root for, but she’s making Diane and Cary look incompetent by comparison.

Outside of the main case, Lemond Bishop continues to have a lot of interaction with Kalinda. When Lemond originally told her that she was going to have to do a favor for him when he wanted it, I expected it to be a lot worse than driving a kid to and from school for a couple weeks. Well, it turns out this wasn’t a simple carpool, as Kalinda had to defend Dylan from bullies and keep track of trailing SUVs, as well as deal with the ever intimidating Lemond Bishop every day. This is a fun relationship and the story line is progressing nicely, but it’s ultimately a little empty knowing that most likely both of these actors will be leaving the show shortly. We know for a fact that Archie Panjabi is leaving the show, and that Mike Colter is going to be very busy as Luke Cage in future Marvel TV shows, so it’s tough to stay invested in a storyline that we know will end with at least one of them departing the show. I guess the only question now is how they’ll depart.

The campaign storyline revolved around both Alicia and Prady trying to vie for the attention of Guy Redmayne, played hilariously by Ed Asner. I loved that Ed Asner, who’s perhaps best known recently for playing lovable characters like Carl Fredricksen in Up and Santa Clause in Elf, went all in tonight by playing a complete scumbag. From multiple homophobic slurs and that incredibly vivid rant about what he would do to Alicia, this guy was going all out on being one of the most despicable people we’ve seen on this show, and that’s really saying something! While I don’t know how much more of him I can handle, I really do hope he pops back up again soon.

The episode ended in a really nice scene between Alicia and the seldom seen Grace, where it was nice to see Alicia showing a little bit of vulnerability. I’ve been rewatching a lot of reruns recently, and it struck me how frequently Alicia would be emotional with her children. I feel like this show has lost a lot of Alicia’s emotion recently, except for Will’s death, so it’s nice to see her share a moment with her daughter again. I hope we get more of this in the future, instead of just showing us this Super Lawyer/Super Candidate Alicia Florrick.

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Random Thoughts:

– So is Alicia going to leave her firm if/when she wins her campaign? She’s barely there as it is. I guess it’s as good a way as any to make sure Margulies and Panjabi don’t share a scene together!

– I’m going to have a hard time believing Mike Colter as Luke Cage. The dude is totally Lemond Bishop to me!

– The ridiculous actor with the English accent reminded me a lot of The Mandarin from Iron Man 3.