‘Arrow’ (Season 3) Is The Lair To Crowded?

Arrow Lair

Is there such a thing as being too optimistic? I’m not sure, but that’s how I was feeling about the return of Oliver in the second half of this season’s Arrow. Sure, we knew he wasn’t dead, but he could have come back injured, and luckily he didn’t. Instead of a fairytale homecoming he came back to a bunch of unhappy crime fighting vigilantes, who argued about what he would have wanted when it came to Malcolm Merlyn – when they thought he was dead – and what he wants now – after discovering that he is alive.

Instead of just Diggles and Felicity’s very short lived verbal sparring matches over Oliver, we now have the added personalities of Roy, who has become more vocal, Laurel, Thea, and for a very brief second – Malcolm! All of this has created a detour, a change in direction for what looked to be for our favorite superhero. Some of this change in the second half of the season has brought out some great scenes while others are sure to delay the expected satisfaction for Oliver/Felicity fans, who desperately want these two together.

Here are the pros and cons of this season’s big changes so far:

The Olicity Relationship

Oliver and Felicity looked to be headed into new territory when we saw Oliver off to fight Ra’s ja Ghul and when he didn’t return it looked as though Felicity was the only one that wouldn’t give up hope. But since his return and their indifferences, the possibility of a romance has cooled off. The upside of all of this, we get to see Ray and the Atom suit a lot more. The con however, is the small amount of screen time Oliver and Felicity have shared in recent episodes. And after witnesses Ray and Felicity’s recent sleepover, it’s going to be awhile before we get Olicity back.

Thea Learning the Truth

It was inevitable that Thea was going to find out about who Olly really is, but did it have to be so soon? Olly’s secret and the mystery surrounding him has always been exciting and now it seems like everyone knows who he is. The pro of all of this is that Thea and Roy seemed to have found their way back to one another since Roy has some experience with murder and not being himself.

Laurel in the Lair

You can’t fault Laurel for wanting to take on her sister’s mission in fighting evil, but when will she and Olly make their relationship about more than just Sara. It has however, been great watching her develop her fighting skills and become part of the team. Even her and Felicity have found some common ground at times.

And now that Ra’s al Ghul wants Oliver to take his place there is sure to be some more change and disagreements to come!