How To Get Away With Murder “The Night Lila Died/It’s All My Fault” Review (Season 1, Episodes 14 and 15)


First things first, my “Rudy is Lila’s killer” theory was wrong. I’ll take solace in the fact that I’ve been correct in other guesses at television plots.

Moving on, here are the different scenarios I’ve been mulling over regarding the finale of How to Get Away with Murder:

A.) Sam called Frank to kill Lila. Annalise has a suspicion now. This is the most plausible explanation to me concerning what we know about each character. For half a moment, it looked like Sam was going to strangle Lila as he held her neck. He obviously thought better of that and so called Frank to do the actual dirty work. In a previous episode, Frank asked Annalise if he needed to “handle” someone. Why Annalise wouldn’t consider Frank being involved to begin with is a different story. We don’t know his past with Sam. Perhaps Annalise doesn’t know about how Frank owes him. Even so, she could finally be at the moment where she puts the pieces together of Sam needing help and Frank providing it. And it still would follow what she says to Wes about not really knowing who the true murderer is but just blaming Sam because in the end he ordered everything.

B.) Sam called Frank to kill Lila. Annalise is none the wiser. As far as we know, Annalise was oblivious to Sam’s affair with Lila (at least until her body was found). In this case, it would be possible she’s also in the dark about Frank’s actions. I personally think this would be a more dull way off approaching things but still works. And yet, it ignores the fact that Annalise and Frank had a conversation about “handling” someone aka why I’m leaning towards Option A.

C.) Sam called Bonnie who called Frank to kill Lila. We do know that Sam and Bonnie were very close. It’s entirely possible she owed him and therefore called Frank. The wild card then becomes Bonnie’s tearful confession to Annalise. Was she so distraught because she was forced in helping a terrible man commit murder?

D.) Sam called Annalise who called Frank to kill Lila. I’m just throwing this one out there. It wouldn’t make sense with Annalise’s shock about the whole affair, but you never know.

In terms of who killed Rebecca, I’m basically past the point of guessing. Frank feels too obvious now but could still be involved. Her death could be an accident from the result of a struggle (maybe with Wes who somehow blocked the event from his mind right after doing it). Either way, we have another murder on our hands and Frank and Annalise are copping innocence. I have so many questions (Who is Nate’s mystery lawyer? Who is Eggs 911? Is the same person who let Rebecca free also her murderer? Why did the ADA specifically pick Asher to ask about Annalise?) This time, I’m going to wait for them to be answered though.

Odds and Ends

– The juxtaposition revolving around the priest case was very well done. Unlike Annalise and Company, here was a man who decided to take the consequences of committing a crime (no matter how justified). Nice work by Tom Everett Scott.

– Based on the events of the finale it seems Nate was not in on Annalise’s plan to have him arrested. Interesting.

– Poor Rudy. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

– Asher accidentally outing his relationship with Bonnie to everyone (sans Annalise) is so on par with his character.

– Laurel having Michaela’s wedding ring all along = brilliant.

– Oliver is HIV positive. We never heard Connor get his results over the phone, but he told Asher they came out negative. Is there more to that?

– Basically everyone on this show would be sorted into Slytherin at Hogwarts right?