The Amazing Race “I’ve Got the Smartest Dude” Review (Season 26 Episode 2)

The Amazing Race I Got the Smartest Dude Season 26 Episode 2 04

Man, it feels like I just finished typing up my review of The Amazing Race premiere, and now here we are less than 48 hours later and I’m reviewing the second installment “I’ve Got the Smartest Dude.”

I was a little disappointed with the premiere episode, as they squandered their extra half hour with showing us way too much dancing and they didn’t even have a Road Block. The second episode already got off to a more interesting start, as we got a little glimpse at where the teams slept after checking in at the Pit Stop last week. We rarely get to see where the teams sleep, so it was fun to watch them cram in to a unsurprisingly compact Tokyo hotel room.

The teams make their way on a bullet train to Nagano, the city that most Americans might recognize as the site of the 1998 Winter Olympics. Well, I should say most teams took a bullet train, as Libby and CJ had an epic “#SelfieFail” when they were too busy selfieing to get onto the train. I made fun of this Selfie thing last week simply because it’s so eye-rollingly apparent that CBS is trying to desperate to be “of the times,” but now it looks like it’s actually getting in teams way. Not only did it screw up Libby and CJ, but Tyler had to pause after getting his clue out of his box and take a little selfie video. Wouldn’t he rather grab that clue and run instead of turning on that stupid camera?

The actual challenges were a lot of fun, though. We had our first Road Block of the season, which involved the aforementioned puzzle boxes. This wasn’t the most fun challenge to watch, although my favorite part by far was the incredibly unhelpful pep talking by Blair. “The faster you finish, the faster we can leave.” Oh really, Blair? I’m pretty sure she’s aware that that’s how it works. My favorite was “Try to make progress!” You’re right, Blair! She needs to try making progress! I’m sure she hadn’t thought of that!

The Detour gave the teams the option to feed each other noodles or push each other around a speed skating rink. This was a pretty well balanced detour in terms of number of how many teams picked which detour, although the noodles did seem like they were much easier. I get that Nagano is best known to Americans as the location of the olympics, but it seems a little bit unfair that an actual olympian speed skater is on one of the teams. I’m sure this is the only speed skating related challenge on the race, but they could make a better effort to make sure all of the racers are equally unskilled in whatever they’re doing. With all of the weird stuff you can do in this country, having the teams speed skate isn’t exactly the most Japan-centric activity.

Despite a questionable challenge, I did think this episode was a lot better than the premiere. The blind daters are getting closer together, and we’re getting rid of the dead weight of the season as Team Tuskegee takes a completely unsurprising leave.

What are you guys thinking of the episode so far?

Random Thoughts:

– All of those CSI: Cyber promos at the bottom of the screen touting “Academy Award Winner Patricia Arquette” make me smile. How long do you think CBS had those in the chamber?

– The bunny ear beanies at the sliding challenge was one of my favorite parts of the episode.

– Did anybody notice that the welcomer at the Pit Stop mat has been pretty silent this season so far? The guy on Wednesday said nothing, and this guy maybe welcomed one team.