Suits “Intent” Review (Season 4 Episode 15)

Suits - Season 4

In this episode of Suits, called “Intent,” Donna finds herself in the middle of a war as Harvey fulfills his promise to do anything to keep her safe.

The Protector

I’ve always accepted that Harvey and Donna have one of those relationships that is hard to define on paper. They love and care for each other, but other than a one-night stand early on, they’ve never taken that beyond a friendship and working relationship. For four seasons, I’ve been completely fine with that. In fact, I always thought it was for the best that they went on doing it.

That is until I saw how Harvey reacted when Donna was in danger. I predicted that he would get angry and he did, but it was that kind of anger that comes from true love. Like a parent who gets pissed when their kid doesn’t come home on time, but then finds out they were in an accident. They go straight from rage to fierce protection in a second and that’s exactly what Harvey did. Even once he knew that Donna was guilty, even when he found out she had lied to him, he still protected her like a bear protecting its cub.

How Far is Too Far?

While I loved seeing the lengths that Harvey was willing to go to in order to keep Donna safe, his ferociousness frightened me a little. I can handle him bending the law, he’s been doing that for years now. But the idea that he would go so far as to obstruct justice and let people get away with murder – that I did not see coming. I don’t want Donna to get in trouble, but I did wonder at what point she might declare that enough was enough.

Granted, I don’t think she knows exactly what he did for her, but I don’t know if she would have stopped it either. We can’t forget that, even though her intentions were good, she did break the law. Should she take responsibility for that and suffer going to prison? Would prison even be on the table if Harvey hadn’t gotten into a pissing match with Wolf? Those are the questions I can’t help but to ask.

Having it All

I found it interesting that Jeff and Jessica were going through their break-up during an episode where Harvey was fighting so hard for Donna. By the end of the episode – when Harvey and Donna had their special moment at her place and he said out loud that he loved her – I was starting to feel like I wanted them together after all. How amazing would it be to see Harvey and Donna as an actual couple? Who else knows them better than they do? Their love already has the power to move mountains. What would it be like if they completely gave into it?

But as I had those thoughts, I saw what Jeff and Jessica were going through. They tried to have it all and it completely blew up in their faces. Sadly, the chances are high that something like that could happen between Harvey and Donna. Obviously they know this and that’s the reason they’ve never let it go that far. But I wonder if what just happened might break down the walls they’ve built up.

My favorite bits:

Harvey showing up outside Donna’s apartment to read her the riot act.

The fact that, even with all that was going on, Harvey took the time to be there for Jessica.

Donna’s confusion after Louis tried to find out which courier service they used.

Louis reassuring Donna that Harvey would do anything to make sure she was okay.

Poor Harvey realizing that Donna was being charged with a felony. Oh boy.

Donna admitting that she had just wanted to be the one to save the day for once.

Harvey telling Donna that getting her out of something was the same thing as getting himself out.

Mike: “How is that different from all the times you risked me?” Harvey: “Because she’s different.”

Knowing as soon as Harvey smugly said Wolf would never charge for intent that that was exactly what was going to happen.

Louis admitting just how terrified he was that Donna might have ended up in jail. That hug was amazing.

Donna: “Norma’s still out, isn’t she?”
Louis: “Her goddamn sister tripped and fell in the tub and she went to help. It’s like she doesn’t even care about me at all.”

Louis demanding to represent Donna himself. A part of me thought that was a pretty good idea, too.

Donna watching Wolf and Harvey fighting over her.

Jessica telling Jeff that she loved him. Whoa.

Jessica: “You wanted me to let my walls down. Well, they’re down.”

Harvey admitting that the thought of Donna going to prison made him want to drop to his knees. The image that put in my head. wow.

Evan: “You’re so sure we did this. You really going to let us get away with murder for your secretary?”
Harvey: “You’re damn right I am, and if I had to do it again, I’d do it a hundred times.”

Jessica slowly sitting in her chair after Jeff turned in his resignation. Gina Torres nailed showing inner-pain hidden by self-control.

Finally hearing more details about the god-awful dinner party. I would love to have seen Harvey actually laugh so hard that he spit a shrimp into her mom’s hair.

Harvey telling Donna that she never needed to feel scared because he was never going to let anything happen to her.

Harvey: “Anyone else ever loses faith in me, it doesn’t matter. But with you it’s different.”

Harvey telling Donna he loved her and both of their faces after he walked out of the door.

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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