The Blacklist “The Deer Hunter” Review (Season 2, Episode 13)

The Blacklist - Season 2

A serial killer, a mystery man and a star witness walk into a bar…oh wait, that’s the storyline for tonight’s episode of The Blacklist not some silly joke told ‘round the local watering hole.

The FBI’s latest case is “The Deer Hunter”, a legendary serial killer who has been on a crime spree for the past 12 years, prompting Liz to be giving a graduate seminar on the killer’s MO while the team investigates the killer’s latest victim, trying to piece together who this crazy psycho is in order to bring him to justice.

But how the whole episode played out was a bit unexpected, at least it was to me. How about the viewers? Did you see what was coming?

First there is a crazy woman with a crossbow, taking down men, cutting out their organs, piling them up and taking a bite out of their livers. I know that’s sick, gross and disgusting, right? But why? What caused her to do this and hasn’t the profile for “The Deer Hunter” always led back to a man not a woman?

Well, as the episode came to a conclusion it became clear that the original serial killer was one Ron Solobotkin, husband of Tracy (guest star Amanda Plummer). It would seem that Ron was abusive to Tracy and one night when she thought he was out, she discovered what he really was: The Deer Hunter who had been all over the news. In a rage, she killed him and then – of all things – she took up his mantle and became a copycat killer.

What drives someone to do this? Tracy was obviously crazy, but what made her that way? It would seem that Tracy was convinced that she had to eradicate “evil” in the lives of women who came to White Haven Shelters, an advocacy group for battered women, where she worked. Okay, so I can somewhat see Tracy wanting to protect other women who found themselves in a similar situation as herself, but shooting them with a crossbow, stringing them up, cutting out their organs and all the rest?! Call me a little nuts, but that’s overkill (pun not intended). Right?!

Regardless, after yet another “woman in jeopardy” moment for Liz (series lead Megan Boone) – do we really need to see her getting caught by the criminal again and how many times do these FBI agents get overpowered by the bad guy or girl anyway? – she nearly kills crazy Tracy just as Ressler (series regular Diego Klattenhoff) breaks down the garage door where Liz was being held.

Elsewhere, Red (series lead James Spader) is trying to track down the gravelly-voiced guy from the phone number found on the business card that was stowed away in that safe in St. Petersburg, Russia. Just when Red was going to be able to meet this mystery man, he had to take care of star witness Samoan (recurring guest star Dante Nero) in order to get Detective Martin Wilcox (guest star Michael Kostroff) off the case of the murdered harbormaster that led straight back to Liz.

Wilcox is having a bad day because Samoan’s memory is now fuzzy, his case is in shambles and Liz is seemingly off the hook – go Red! Let’s see if Wilcox lets it go that easily, though. I don’t think he will.

Oh, and then there is the fact that Liz admitted to Red that she has the Fulcrum that he has been looking for all these years. What now? Will he tell her what it really is? Or will he continue to string her along? Is Liz, like Red said, afraid that if he tells her what it really is that she will never see him again? Does she care anymore?

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Were you surprised by the reveal that Tracy was the “new” Deer Hunter, taking over for the husband she killed? What is the deal with this gravelly-voiced guy; and where will this all lead? Please share your thoughts on this episode in the comments section below.

The next new episode of the second season of ‘The Blacklist’ will air on Thursday, March 5 at 9/8c on NBC.