Allegiance “Chasing Ghosts” Review (Season 1 Episode 4)

As against Allegiance as I’ve been up to this point, I have to hand it to the show for actually taking a step back and giving us a chance to get to know its characters a little bit better. The question remains how much we actually want to get to know these people, but it still helped “Chasing Ghosts” stand as the show’s best episode, numerous problems that still exist aside.

As an example of those problems, what exactly is the point of Sarah? Other than to serve as a problem for everyone involved, that is. Early in the episode, Sarah doesn’t answer her phone simply because the plot demands it. Not because she’s mad at her sister, or even any hastily established reason. She’s just a happy-go-lucky girl walking along the street who decides she’s going to ignore a call from her sister. Then, Alex just happens to catch a glimpse of her in Philadelphia, leading him to finally discover his parents’ secret.

And then there was the outright lie the show’s advertising the show told with last week’s preview. Because unless it was just a blink-and-you-miss-it type moment, there was no Giancarlo Esposito in this episode. It’s perhaps unfair to hold an actor not appearing against the show. And it’s clear that Allegiance has been hurting the ratings, but lying about a popular actor’s appearance just seems like a bizarre way to try and drum up ratings. Now, even if he appears later on, would anyone believe it? Would anyone care?

This week’s episode did take a bit of time to explore the relationship between Katya and Mark. So far, the show has had a real problem slowing down to take a breath, so it was appreciated to get a chance to see a bit more of their vulnerable side. Of course, what we’re learning is that they’re fairly messed-up people, but at least it’s something. Similarly, we got to see a bit more of Alex’s developing relationships with his co-workers, his skill quickly earning their respect. The one part that came across as downright terrible was Natalia’s dumping of Victor. It was every bit as sudden and poorly explained as Victor called it out to be, but lamp-shading something doesn’t make it acceptable.

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