‘The 100’ (Season 2): Jasper, the Unintentional King

The 100 Resurrection Season 2 Episode 13 08

Since the pilot episode of The 100 aired on The CW back on March 19, 2014, viewers have gotten to know Jasper Jordan (series regular Devon Bostick), one of the members of the one-hundred juvenile delinquents placed on the Ark’s drop ship that was sent down to a post-apocalyptic Earth.

Initially the plan was to have Jasper die from the near-fatal spear injury he incurred at the hands of the deadly Grounders, the descendants of the survivors of the nuclear war that decimated the planet. A quick decision was made, however, to keep Jasper among the living; and it was a good choice given that Jasper has, for better or worse, become the unintentional King of the Sky People, the name given to the people on the Ark by the Grounders, within those who were taken by the Mountain Men.

As viewers of the show know, the survivors of the drop ship got the upper-hand in the war with the Grounders at the end of the show’s debut season only to be taken by the mysterious Mountain Men. While the Mountain Men seemed, at first, to be benevolent people – the truth eventually became clear that Jasper, Clarke and the rest of the teens were going to be used by the Mountain Men so they could return to the ground, the very land that – due to their extremely weak immunity to the environment – would kill them. How were the teens to be used? They are harvested – blood and bone marrow, which is transplanted into the Mountain Men – and then tossed aside along with the daily trash.

Sick, right?

Clarke was quick to figure out what was really going on, but when she had to escape Mount Weather – where the Mountain Men “reside” deep underground to protect them from the environment – with Anya (recurring guest star Dichen Lachman), Jasper inadvertently had to step up as the leader – or unintentional King of the Sky People trapped on Mount Weather.

And as the last few episodes have clearly shown, Jasper has transformed from that rather meek – while good-intentioned – awkward teen who walked out of the drop-ship with eyes for Octavia (series regular Marie Avgeropoulos) into a hardened warrior in the fight against the Grounders and now a leader in the rebellion against the Mountain Men.

It also doesn’t hurt that Jasper has eyes for Maya (recurring guest star Eve Harlow) – one of the members of the Mountain Men – who doesn’t approve of what is happening to Jasper and his people. His finding someone to love and his need to protect his people in lieu of Clarke not being right by his side, has spurred on the leader hidden deep inside of him.

It’s also even better that Maya’s father and about a dozen more members of the Mountain Men feel that what is being done to the teens is heinous; and they are helping to hide the remaining teens from the new Mountain Men’s President Cage Wallace (recurring guest star Johnny Whitworth) and his militia.

What do you think of Jasper and how he has proven himself to be a strong leader –whether he knew he could be that or not? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next episode of the second season of ‘The 100’ will air on The CW on Wednesday, March 4 at 9/8c.