The 100 “Bodyguard of Lies” Review (Season 2, Episode 14)

With the two-part season finale coming up, this week’s episode of The 100 was understandably all about the calm before the storm. While Bellamy went on his mission to finally disable the acid fog, the rest of the characters had a chance to get in to position for the big finish that’s on the way. And with one pleasantly surprising relationship taking a step forward, “Bodyguard of Lies” made for yet another great installment in the show’s strong second season.

Let’s get to the big moment of the week first, which was the kiss Lexa and Clarke shared towards the end of the hour. It’s a relationship I hadn’t even considered, but Lexa’s feelings for Clarke make a lot of sense. Lexa’s had a chance to watch Clarke evolve and take her place as a worthy leader of the Sky People, and it’s been clear that Lexa’s admiration of Clarke has only grown as that happened. For that admiration to turn into genuine attraction is an obvious step to take. And really, the two have sort of been a couple already, occasionally arguing over what the right thing to do is, but still backing each other’s play for the good of the union between their people. In a way, they bring a whole new definition to the term power couple.

A possible relationship between them also highlights how much a grounder Clarke has become. Though Octavia’s been putting on the dress and doing her best to keep up with Indra’s crew, she still keeps some grounder ideals at an arm’s length, while Clarke, more and more, has been willing to embrace them. A union with Lexa would only heighten the transformation Clarke has been going through all season. I’m not usually one to ship characters, but dang if Clarke and Lexa don’t just make a whole bunch of sense together on numerous levels.

Meanwhile, not a whole lot was going on in Mount Weather proper. With the majority of the surviving 48 members hidden away, it fell to Bellamy to find a way to shut down the acid fog. It was a necessary storyline, but one that felt a bit distracting with all that was going on back at the main camp. Same deal with Jaha and Murphy, whose minefield storyline felt like a stalling tactic before the search for The City of Light comes to a head in the big finale. Still, it’ll be interesting to see what they find on the other side of the river, especially since it will no doubt play a big part in the storyline for season three.

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