Survivor “It’s Survivor Warfare” Review (Season 30 Episode 1)

Survivor Worlds Apart Its Survivor Warfare Season 30 Episode 1 01

It almost seems superfluous to talk about the longevity of Survivor at this point. I make a comment in every season premiere review how impressed I am that this show has stuck around for as long as it has, so I was thinking about leaving this paragraph out of this review. However, 30 freakin’ seasons is pretty dang impressive! It’s a big round number, and it’s definitely worth congratulating the Survivor crew for keeping the show fresh and exciting for all these years.

This season’s attempt to keep things fresh and exciting comes with the “Worlds Apart” twist, which “It’s Survivor Warfare” introduced in the opening scene. It’s as good of a separation device as any, although I really don’t think your occupation has anything to do with how good of a Survivor game you play. People have won this game from all three social classes. Plus, these preliminary sortings only matter for the first few weeks anyway.

After introducing the teams and a few of the members, Jeff makes the team pick two people to make a decision for the tribe. The whole “Honesty or deceit” thing has been done before, but this one was different because the “Deceit” side was clearly the worse idea. Last season there was only one person making this choice, so they were the only one getting a clue for the idol. This season you get less food for your tribe (which includes you!), you have to come up with a lie to tell your tribe, and you have to split that idol clue with somebody else! What if they find it before you?! Then you lied to your tribe, you have less food, and you’ve got no idol to show for it. Joaquin ends up being the only one to make the dumb decision. He basically decided to be deceitful just for the sake of being deceitful, which is not a good way to start to the game.

I thought the only two options were that So or Joaquin would find the idol, but instead Carolyn finds it just by being observant and seeing that So was looking for an idol in a certain area. That was a crazy, Russell-esque instance of finding an idol without a clue, and it was definitely the most impressive move of the episode.

These hour and a half premieres are tough to recap because there’s so many new characters being introduced and so much stuff going down. The only other notable pre-challenge thing that really resonated with me was the hilarious Jenn/Joe/Vince love triangle. Vince by himself is just a hilarious presence, what with the feathers in his hair and his occupation being a joke in itself, but it cracks me up that he was so angrily and jealously glaring at Joe as he flirted with Jenn and made the fire. You wouldn’t expect that kind of petty jealousy out of somebody who claims to be such a free spirit, and you just can’t take the dude’s death stares seriously with those feathers in his hair!

The immunity/reward challenge was a pretty standard mix of physical challenge ending in a puzzle, but there was an odd twist at the end where the teams got to pick what type of puzzle they wanted. Jeff tried to sell this as if the different puzzles might cater to certain teams more than others, but the 10 piece puzzle was clearly easier than the 50 piece one. You have to be a visual kind of person to do well in either of those. Even though Max was making some headway, you still have to put 50 pieces together. That’s a lot!

Well, the white collar tribe picking the right puzzle sent them home, so So goes home! Yes, I was able to say “so So” before she went home! Yay!

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Random Thoughts:

– Couldn’t they have made the white collar tribe wear white? I know it’s not a traditional Survivor color, but that would have made a lot more sense.

– When they said that Will was a YouTube star I thought maybe that was his occupation, which would have definitely fit the No Collar description. However, he was just some guy at a gas station in a kinda funny Tonight Show skit from a few years ago. Um…OK, but that’s not your job…

– I’m glad So went home first, because it was getting really confusing since her name is also an adverb, pronoun, interjection, etc. When Jeff starts his questions with “So”, you can’t tell if he’s addressing her or just starting his sentence with an interjection.