Person of Interest “Blunt” Review (Season 4 Episode 16)

Person of Interest Blunt Season 4 Episode 16 10

In this week’s Person of Interest, we returned to the drama with the local kingpin, Dominic, who’s trying to expand his criminal empire. His crew gets involved with local marijuana dispensaries, but runs into trouble. This wasn’t my favorite episode of the season, mostly because I found the person of interest, Harper, really irritating. But, there were a couple moments that stood out.

Dominic is a solid villain at this point, so I enjoy the storylines when he reemerges. I just wish Carter were around to deal with him. She is the one person who could’ve knocked his arrogance down a notch or two. Based on Dominic’s conversation with Reese, it’s obvious that there’s some kind of confrontation with Elias on the horizon. Though Dominic is a formidable opponent, you just have to be rooting for Elias on that one.

It seems like Reese has been seriously off his game lately. Last week, he didn’t think about the girl’s sick sister being an easy target. This week, he kept turning his back on Harper and she unsurprisingly disappeared. I almost wish he hadn’t tracked her down. All of her “insightful” speeches about Reese and Finch felt forced and stale. Why does everyone keep challenging that Reese is a cop? His psychiatrist just did the same thing. He has a badge – he technically is a cop. Sure, he doesn’t feel bound by the law, but as we learned from HR, that’s not the litmus test for being a police officer.

Root returns and seems energized to get back into the game. She wants to bring in people to help them go after Samaritan, which is not a half-bad idea. It’s time they tried something. She ends up pitching an app to a software company that offers her a job. She’ll be working on new “security software,” which you know is going to have some connection to Decima or Samaritan.

We got some good comedic moments courtesy of Finch and Reese. I liked Finch’s views of college as locales of debauchery and it was hilarious when Reese lurks around the women’s floor of the university’s dormitory. I also liked when Finch discovered Bear chewing on his shoe and scolded him. We need more Bear time. The ending was also funny when Finch steals Harper’s ring. I like it when he’s smarter than the criminals.

I feel like we’re in the slow part of the season. We’re going to need to rev up as we start towards the season finale, but we’re not quite there yet. The problem I have with these procedural episodes is that if the person of interest is lackluster, the entire episode suffers. They are going to need to do something to fill the void left by Shaw’s departure. I think they should bring back Leon Tao for a couple of episodes. He’s decent comic relief and they could use his skills in the battle against Samaritan.