NCIS “Blast From the Past” Review (Season 12 Episode 16)

NCIS Blast From the Past Season 12 Episode 16 01

In this episode of NCIS, called “Blast from the Past,” one of Gibb’s old undercover identities pops up on a dead body, leading him and the rest of the team on a trip into days gone by.

The idea of Gibbs undercover as a computer nerd (sorry, technician) was just too adorable. I got a big kick out of seeing that old photo of him with the glasses on, but I got an even bigger kick out of seeing him put that persona (and those glasses) back on to play Leland Robert Spears again. McGee trying to talk Gibbs into the building was hilarious. They should have known that he wouldn’t need any help with the security guard. As Gibbs said, he knows how to handle people – even if he’s not so good with computers. I also loved that this storyline let us see Gibbs and Morrow working together again.

Once again on this series, I couldn’t understand what was happening with Bishop. I didn’t know why she was so curious about doing undercover work and if Gibbs would ever ask her to sleep with a mark. I mean seriously, how many times has that actually happened on this show? As far as we know, McGee has never been asked to do it. Only Gibbs, Ziva and Tony have ever admitted to doing that. So why are the writers putting those questions into her head? Considering how things have been going with Bishop’s marriage, I would think that sending her deep undercover would not go over well. Yet I have to wonder if the writers are trying to give us hints that that may happen soon.

I also didn’t get why both McGee and Tony went to all the trouble to explain that it was Tony “DiNardo” who slept with Jeanne while undercover. I’m sorry, but wasn’t it Tony DiNozzo who fell in love with her? Wasn’t that the whole problem? Maybe I’m just remembering that storyline differently. But I always felt that it was DiNozzo’s heart that was on the line back then, not DiNardo’s.

Even if I accept that I got the Tony/Jeanne thing wrong, there was at least one other plot point that I know I didn’t misunderstand. While it was great to think of Gibbs working undercover with both Jenny and Mike Franks back in the day, it was made very clear to us that Mike and Jenny didn’t meet for the first time until the end of Season 5. Also, and this might be minor, but I found it odd that Bishop asked Gibbs if going undercover ever affected his own marriage. I guess I can forgive her for not realizing that Gibbs wasn’t married when he went undercover (his wife had already been killed before he joined NIS), but it still seemed strange.

Overall, I enjoyed the references to the past in this episode, but I think there were a few too many confusing moments for me to call this one of my favorites of the season.

My favorite bits:

Okay am I the only one who got flashbacks to the beginning of last week’s Supernatural when the GPS led the guy to his death? Another ghost in the GPS?? Uh oh.

Tony’s shock that Bishop had never seen Top Gun.

Finding out that McGee had finally talked Gibbs into getting a smart phone. Been wondering when that might finally happen. Too bad it didn’t last long.

Finding out that Abby got a new tattoo in a, ahem, strategic place.

Abby wearing Doc’s glasses and coveralls.

Tony looking at his hand while wearing Doc’s glasses. Totally reminded me of the time he was on painkillers and talked about his fingers “finging.”

McGee and Bishop nearly getting blown to bits. Whoa.

Gibbs quoting his dad to Morrow. Loved that.

That cat not leaving Gibbs alone. PS: I started suspecting the cat lady as soon as we met her. Every time a character and I share the same first name, I know she’s bad. They’ve done it with every Michelle on the show so far. Haha!

Tony admitting that he was worried about meeting Zoe’s parents. He made a good point about Abby not yet meeting Burt’s parents. After all, those two have been dating much longer than he and Zoe.

Gibbs pic on that old I.D. Aw, so cute.

Gibbs using his broken phone as a way to get into the building. Brilliant.

The fact that it took Gibbs four hours to get what they needed. Whew.

Gibbs and Tony playing doctors. So great to see Mark Harmon in scrubs again. Nice nod to his time on both St. Elsewhere and Chicago Hope.

Tony threatening McGee with a catheter.

Tony referring to McGee as his “little buddy.” Aw.

Tony and McGee going off to see a midnight flick together.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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