The Amazing Race “Great Way to Start a Relationship” Review (Season 26 Episode 1)

The Amazing Race Great Way to Start a Relationship Season 26 Episode 1 04

The Amazing Race is back, everybody! We just watched the thirtieth season premiere of Survivor, and now we’ve got the twenty-sixth premiere for The Amazing Race. That’s 56 seasons of reality competition programming, and it’s a pretty dang impressive night of television. I just reviewed the premiere of Survivor, so now we’re on to The Amazing Race and the premiere “Great Way to Start a Relationship.”

It’s a little odd that they had no hook or twist for the 25th season, instead choosing to have this whole “blind date” thing happening on the 26th season. Either way, it’s a pretty interesting twist so far. When I first heard that five of the eleven teams would be blind dating, I thought it was going to be a huge disadvantage to not know your partner at all. You don’t know their strengths or weaknesses, or if you’re a compatible traveler with them. However, they made up for it by making all of the blind daters young and fit 20 or 30 somethings. I guess this makes sense, but now I feel like the blind daters have too big of an advantage because they’re all perfect physical specimens.

After a suitably gross mud run and shower to break the ice for the new couples, the teams all make their way to Tokyo. I was very excited to see the beautiful and vibrant city of Tokyo realized on The Amazing Race, but unfortunately the vast majority of the episode was sunk into the Detour. Despite having an extra half hour to fill, there was nothing extra added to this leg to fill up that extra time. They didn’t even have a Road Block!

The sake challenge was definitely the easier one, and I can’t believe that more people didn’t select it! The choreographed dance looked fun at first, but then we saw it so many times that it lost all its fun. I’m pretty sure I could complete the dance at this point!

While I still enjoyed the twist of the blind dates, they could have made a couple new groups that weren’t ultra athletic super teams. The top 3 teams were all blind daters! I’m hoping the game can become a little less lopsided going forward, since we are now officially at half blind daters/half daters.

What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments section!

Random Thoughts:

– This “Selfie Cam” needs to die a terrible death. Please make it end, CBS.

– I might be the only person in the world who had this thought, but every time that Jeff guy talked it sounded like Edward Burns from Saving Private Ryan.

– Matt should have learned from previous seasons that you should never show up to a detour and declare that you’ll be done in 20 minutes. Famous last words, dude.