Scorpion “Going South” Review Season 1 Episode 17

Scorpion Going South Episode 17 13

On the latest episode of “Scorpion,” it was time for the gang to be “Going South”- of the border, that is- namely to the Culiacan, Mexico region, where a drug cartel going by the name of La Plaga (aka “The Plague”) had kidnapped the daughter of a millionaire. The father in question, Richard Elia (Andy Buckley, “The Office”) had already paid ransom for Zoe (Mia Serafino, “Shameless”) once to the tune of some $2 million, with no success, only to receive another ransom video asking for more. Knowing that the cartel was likely to milk the situation for all it was worth, money-wise, he went to the team, hoping they could pinpoint a location via the video so that he could send an extraction team of his own to go and get her.

After successfully figuring out a broad location in the form of the aforementioned Culiacan, Walter offered to pinpoint the location even further by going to the region himself, much to the team’s dismay. Promising he’d keep them out of it- and we all know what that means by now: that they’re going to end up in the thick of it- Walter was already on thin ice with the team because of an interview he’d done with a local reporter that highlighted his efforts over their own.

Amusingly, the reporter got a lot of the team’s individual details wrong, to the point of confusing Happy with Paige, and labeling the former a sort of “Super Nanny”! Needless to say, the gang was not pleased, which made for a lot of bickering along the way, especially as things, well… went south.

First, their police escort abandoned them ten miles outside of town, then the cartel took their ransom money before they’d had a chance to install the GPS in it, and if that wasn’t bad enough, they went to the location the ransom video was shot in, only to learn it was a trap the cartel set up, figuring they’d go there, and rigged accordingly with motion-sensor activated machine guns. Though the team managed to make it out alive and unscathed, it was clear that they were in over their heads.

In exasperation, Happy bails on the group to try and get some info from the locals, only to end up kidnapped herself, by a kid looking to score points with the cartel. She manages to escape, and drags the kid back to their hotel, where they bait him by leaving him alone in a room with their stuff, assuming he’ll grab it and take off.

He does, and they track him back to an apartment building, in which the cartel has commandeered the top floor entirely, complete with armed guards. Using parts of a cuckoo clock (!), Walter jerry-rigs a device to help them determine where each guard is and where Zoe is being held, and the team attempt to rescue her themselves, as Elia’s team has bailed on the mission entirely, after seeing video of team Scorpion cowering from the machine guns earlier.

All is going reasonably well until Happy gets captured once again, only to be rescued by the kid from earlier, who had gone to try and join the cartel, only to land in hot water after they realized he’d led Walter’s team right to them. Happy frees Zoe and makes for the balcony, where they both climb down to the next floor and make haste with an escape while Cabe keeps the guards busy from the ground floor. However, despite his best efforts, he’s outmanned and outgunned, and has to fall back. The team manages to block one of the exits and heads for the other, only to be cut off by the cartel, who corner them right in front of the main exit with guns.

However, Happy had the foresight to take one of the motion-sensor guns and point it right in the direction she knew the cartel was likely to come, as it was the only way out other than the one her team was taking. They manage to get out of there unscathed, Zoe in tow, to live to fight another day. Zoe is reunited with her father, who is overjoyed and offers Walter a job, which he refuses, and a good word on the contest he’s participating in, which he also refuses, wanting to win fair and square. Walter then apologizes to the team for the whole reporting debacle, and all’s well that ends well.

This was certainly an exciting, tense episode, marred only by the fact that there were some dubious plot points along the way, i.e. that they didn’t install the GPS strips in the money before getting dropped off, or that the cartel would have hesitated long enough towards the end to allow the team’s escape in the first place. Sure, they wanted to keep milking Elia for money, and they needed Zoe for that, but still, I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t have fired on at least one member of the team on general principle, especially after the firefight with Cabe had them so worked up. I’m also a little confused as to why Walter requested two jets when they only used one- was the other supposed to be a decoy or something?

Also, I get why they set up the kid, but did they have to leave all their personal info behind in the process? Wouldn’t that mean that the cartel would know where to find them if they ever wanted revenge- and one assumes they would, in light of what happened? Unless, it was on purpose, because the writers plan to do just that on down the line, I guess. But it still seems a bit dubious, even if the team assumed they’d come out on top as they did, and all the cartel guys would end up getting arrested. I suppose we can chalk it all up to TV logic.

I was happy that Sly finally told Walter about his burgeoning relationship with his sister, Megan. Granted, it was tough going at first, but Walter eventually came around, while warning Sly it wasn’t going to end well. I think he knows that, though, and I loved the ending scene where he helped Megan to dance, even though the doctors had told her earlier in the episode that she’d never walk sans braces ever again, much less dance. That was sweet and heartbreaking all at once. Very glad they decided to pursue this couple first, above all others, even if it’s not going to end well for Sly.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Scorpion”? Did you buy all the cartel machinations? How about team Scorpion’s plan? Or the whole hotel bait-and-switch with the kid? Should Walter have accepted the job from Elia? Should Sly be pursuing a romance with Megan, even though he knows it’s going to eventually mean heartbreak? Did you get a kick out of the error-filled news report on Walter and his team? Sound off down below, and see you next time!