NCIS: LA “Expiration Date” Review (Season 6, Episode 16)

NCIS Los Angeles Expiration Date Season 6 Episode 16 02

Since coming back from its holiday break, every episode of NCIS: LA has been hit or miss for me. “Expiration Date” was definitely a hit. Anytime a previous character is brought back always seems to result in a strong outcome. First things first, I haven’t seen Thapa’s debut outing (“The Frozen Lake” which aired 11/26/2013). I had stopped watching NCIS: LA for a little bit and started back up around this time last year. Needless to say, I’ll be watching that installment very soon. Ernie Reyes Jr. made such an impression on me just in “Expiration Date” that I was sad to see him go. Thapa is a kind of character that is done often onscreen: the exotic foreigner who not only is skilled in martial arts but also seems to have infinite wisdom. What becomes important is getting a charismatic actor to elevate that trope. Reyes Jr. did that along with having an excellent rapport with Eric Christian Olsen. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Olsen nails those dramatic scenes. I will never tire of watching those.

My qualm with the previous episode was that the stakes did not feel high enough and that Nezzi was not a formidable antagonist. While we knew Sam would survive the sniper attack, the hospital showdown was still very well done. I honestly wish it would have lasted longer. Parminder Nagra is also always welcome in any program I watch and having her verbally spar with Callen as Ella was engaging to see. She’s the type of person I want Callen up against: intelligent and unyielding. And since Ella came out of the hour physically unscathed, I have no problem entertaining the possibility that she could appear again.

All in all, I was very happy with “Expiration Date,” and it ranks as one of the best outings I’ve seen since restarting the show.

More Thoughts As I Watch Love Actually

– Another very strong aspect of this episode was the progression of the Kensi/Deeks relationship. I liked seeing them have a conversation that included more than just witty zingers to one another. They are officially a couple now and we deserve to see those new obstacles they will face as that.

– Sam’s definitions of “very bad” were highly amusing: I can’t decide which one tickles me more- Granger being drunk or Callen’s cooking.

– Granger’s conversation to Hetty regarding mothers and children feels like foreshadowing regarding Callen in the future. I still think his father is going to show up, and if he does, I can see him being at odds with Hetty regarding Callen.

– Kensi went full on Xena throwing that knife into the former gurkha.

– Every time Deeks listed the names of Kensi’s friends I laughed, especially at Tiffany and Tiffany.