Forever “Memories of Murder” Review (Season 1 Episode 16)

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The chemistry between main characters is a major part of what makes any show work. You need to believe the relationship between your leads, at least to the point that you want to see them interacting. Unfortunately, Forever has had a problem building that chemistry between Morgan and Martinez, a problem that “Memories of Murder” highlighted.

It was something that I noticed right from the beginning of the episode. The brief bit of banter between Martinez and Hansen was a lot of fun. Yes, I have a particular fondness for Hansen, it doesn’t change the fact that their ability to rib one another and make jokes shows the strength of their partnership. It’s clear they have a history and a friendship. Similarly, we got to see Morgan spend the bulk of the episode cozying up to the returning Iona, the spark between them making up a major part of the investigation this week.

The problem is that for all the chemistry they have with other characters, there just hasn’t been much between Morgan and Martinez. They’re supposed to be the core duo of the show, but all of their scenes together feel so clinical. They’re all built around the two discussing the case or Morgan explaining something in his unintentionally condescending way. Oh, and we can’t forget those “gotcha” moments they have to set up as fake bait for the trailers. That’s not to say they never have intimate moments, but the first season is almost over and they barely feel like anything other than work colleagues.

On the positive side of things, the show’s flashbacks continued to show major relevancy. This week, they actually touched on the later years in Morgan’s relationship with his wife Abigail. It’s a problem the show has hinted at with Abe, but as Abigail reached her senior years, it became harder for her relationship with Morgan to remain the same. It was actually kind of heartbreaking to see Abigail struggle with the way other people saw them together.

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