Eye Candy “SOS” Review (Season 1, Episode 7)

Eye Candy MTV 6

You would think that when you rent an amazingly furnished, high-end high-rise apartment for a romantic weekend that nothing would go wrong, right? Well that sure as hell isn’t the case for the MTV thriller Eye Candy.

Nick (guest star Ryan-James Hatanaka), an intern at the firm where Lindy’s (series lead Victoria Justice) “friend” Jake Bolin (recurring guest star Ryan Cooper) works, learned the hard way that the apartment rented for he and his girlfriend Beth (guest star Kaitlyn Bausch) to enjoy was actually being used by a Voyeur site. Yuck, right?!

Turns out Nick was a busy little boy with that apartment, taking girl after girl after girl to the apartment to enjoy them and girlfriend Beth had had enough, she got revenge by having him drugged and whipped, scaring the crap out of him. While I doubt that we’ll ever see Nick and Beth again in a future episode, if I were Nick I’d want to get my own kind of revenge on Beth; but then again, the guy did kind of deserve what he received.

The entire apartment – and seemingly thousands of others across the city – were jam-packed with cameras being piped into ‘The Doll House’, a voyeuristic site that allowed some masked guy to play with the drugged victims as if they were dolls for the pleasure of the viewers of the site. Let’s all say it together, OMG that is SICK!!

So, what happens?: Jake goes to Lindy, asking for her help since the entire apartment has an electronic set-up. That’s all fine and well, but she’s still not a cop! Of course, in the end, Lindy has to take the case to the Cyber Crimes Unit, getting Detective Tommy Calligan (series regular Casey Deidrick) involved and they end up going undercover in the apartment to lure out the masked creep seen in many of the buried videos on the site.

Meanwhile, Lindy’s roommate Sophia (series regular Kiersey Clemons) gets a surprise visit from an old boarding school friend, Tessa (guest star Theodora Woolley), who has been traveling all over the world. While Sophia is happy to see her friend, she is concerned about the girl’s personality change. It would seem that back in the day Tessa didn’t drink let alone party, but now she does, causing Sophia to be worried. As it turns out, a friend of theirs from school died, opening Tessa’s eyes to the fact that life is short and she was going to do everything she wanted to do whenever she wanted to do it. Good for her, but even that kind of life has its downside.

The undercover operation, of course, backfires as Tommy ends up getting drugged by the pillow on the bed and the crazy masked guy captures Lindy. Despite being drugged, and while the other cops are combing the building for her, Tommy comes to the rescue in the nick of time (is there any other way, really?!) before the crazy masked guy – a guy named Michael Doll, who spent time not only in a mental facility but also in prison – could brand her back with an “X”.

What’s even sicker is that the Flirtual Killer is behind her nearly being branded. Michael Doll revealed to Tommy that he was paid to just get close enough to scare Lindy, but not actually hurt her. Say WHAT?! According to Michael, the guy “has the power to harm her (because) she broke his heart”. When are they going to finally catch this guy anyway?

What did you think of last night’s episode? Did you notice the reaction that Lindy had after Tommy kissed her in the apartment when they were playacting for the cameras? And how about Jake’s reaction to seeing Lindy in Tommy’s arm after he rescued her? Tension in the making, right? Please share your thoughts below.

The next new episode of ‘Eye Candy’ will air on MTV on Monday, March 2 at 10/9c.