Chasing Life “Model Behavior” Review (Season 1 Episode 17)


Bostonians feel strongly about their hometown sports, something April learns well when she gets backlash in this week’s episode for outing Richie Miranda, the Sox player, who has a cocaine problem. Even Grandma is getting her digs in at dinner, as well as the coffee vendor near the Post, who refused to serve April a latte for messing with his guy!

The whole situation had April stuck in between a rock and a hard place. Her editor has been fired and now it’s just her and her word up against the city’s beloved baseball star while the publication’s owner adds to the pressure. Was it the best idea to say that you’ll sit down and do an interview to stand strong behind your word? Probably not, but in the end it did work out in April’s favor after a great pep talk from Brenna – who is growing up in front of her eyes when she points out to April that she has beat cancer so what is she really afraid of.

Ironically, by the close of the show after April manages to pull off one hell of an interview we see her in the bathroom with a bloody nose. Is her cancer really back? And while all of this has happened to her, April isn’t talking to Leo, who Sara defends, telling April that Leo has had a rough time adjusting. It was surprising to see Leo stay out of the line of fire with his cocaine use. I could have sworn there was going to be much more to the storyline in regards to Sara informally counseling Leo, but it only amounted to a brief tiff between Sara and April, and played into Brenna’s storyline well.

Brenna spent this week’s episode dealing with Greer’s mood swings and helping Beth out with her job as an evil fashion designer’s assistant. Did anyone else notice who she was? Yes, it was Greek star Nora Kirkpatrick who played Katherine in the ABC Family show that introduced us to the charming Scott Michael Foster. She played the part as a pushy creative well making Brenna and Greer wear dresses that looked like they were pulled straight from the set of Little House on the Prairie. After the show we see Brenna tell Greer that she just wants to be friends. Greer looked hurt, but sticks around making me think these two will continue to be friends. Brenna’s commitment to Greer makes April think about her own relationship with Leo and whether or not she shut him off when she should have been supportive instead. I guess we will find out what she plans to do next week.

As for Sara and Grandma, these two learned a lot from one another as well. After going to her high school reunion, and learning that some of her classmates have died, Grandma decides to start living life to the fullest so she starts dating, going out late and having fun. This new side to her has Sara initially worried, but then examining her own life in a new way. She forgets about George and passionately kisses her workplace nemesis!

Random Observations

That hug shared between Dominic and April had some spark. Are they still a possibility?
Leo’s cocaine use storyline has taken an unaccepted turn. Will it pop back up later?
What happened to Natalie? She was MIA this week.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Chasing Life? Is April’s cancer really back? Will Greer get better? Is this the start of a new relationship for Sara? Leave your comments below.