Castle “The Wrong Stuff” Review (Season 7 Episode 16)


After dealing with Beckett’s kidnapping and a set of crazy killers in the two-parter that concluded last week, this week’s episode of Castle involved a much lighter case with a fake trip to Mars that had Castle all excited. Outside of the case and on the home front – the Castle household is getting crowded.

The Case

Astronaut Tom Richwood was training for a trip to Mars but is mysteriously killed inside a Mars like habitat. The director of the program refuses to let his astronauts leave their research behind to come down to the precinct, making Kate conduct her work on their grounds. The episode was one of the biggest treat for fans in Castle history who wanted to see our former Firefly star get his wish, a trip to outer space. Like a little kid, Castle suited up with a smile on his face. I have to admit I was impressed and would have loved to talk with Mirror – a Siri like computer being – who thought she really was sitting on the surface of Mars.

In the end we find out that Richwood’s team was behind his killing and they used Mirror to help murder him! Rather than endure a year with him in space, they decided to off the poor guy. An intergalactic take on The Orient Express anyone?

The Castle Household

Following the close of the case, Castle attempts to hold a family meeting. While it doesn’t work out the way he wanted, Martha shares that she is moving out. That stinks. I hope this doesn’t mean less camera time. She really brings life to the castle home and it will be boring without her. We also learn that Alexis has a new boyfriend who seemed happy to play laser tag with her. Castle wasn’t happy though, the guy was wearing his gear!