Better Call Saul “Hero” Review (Season 1 Episode 4)

When the last episode of Better Call Saul wrapped, Jimmy successfully tracked down the Kettleman family in their hideaway in the woods. In his struggle to get the family to return to their home and face justice, he discovered the family’s stolen cash stash. It looked as though Jimmy would soon find himself with a very tempting proposition to consider.

In this week’s episode, we get a little more insight into the Kettleman family crime. It turns out that Betsey was the driving force behind her husband’s embezzling money from the city. We saw who called the shots as Jimmy tried to sell the Kettlemans on retaining him as their attorney. Craig looked ready to go all in, but Betsey was not so thrilled about hiring the type of attorney that guilty people go to when they are in trouble.

Despite Jimmy’s efforts, the Kettlemans went with Hamlin, Hamlin and McGill. Jimmy got an “at least your tried” consolation prize in return for his effort and his providing the Kettlemans with a cover story. To his credit, Jimmy did put forth some effort not to accept the Kettleman’s bribe. As nice as it would have been to see Jimmy play it straight and keep his promise to his brother to do better, taking the bribe was definitely the better choice for advancing the storyline.

What happens next was not only entertaining, but it was also a pretty efficient way of furthering the development of Jimmy into the character we came to know on Breaking Bad as Saul Goodman. I loved the moment at the start of the episode when we hear Jimmy say “S’all good, man.” I watched every single season of Breaking Bad and the name of the character and it’s connection to the popular saying never occurred to me. Don’t judge me!

Jimmy takes his payout and buys a billboard. His return on that purchase? A lawsuit from HHM in which he was ordered by the court to take the sign down. Down, but never ought. Jimmy moved on from buying signs to buying off a man. Jimmy’s plan to heighten his profile by “saving” the man who fell from the billboard stand/platform was brilliant. It was classic Saul Goodman. I’ve also got to think that if Howard Hamlin knew that asking your barber for the Tony Curtis look in Spartacus, it might hurt have his pride a bit. I, however, thought it was a spot-on, hilarious description. I also got a good chuckle at the sight of Jimmy and Howard standing in front of the judge looking exactly alike.

I’m glad that Chuck was in this week’s episode. His dynamic with Jimmy is interesting and I definitely want to know more about his fear of electromagnetic fields. This week, we saw Chuck face his fear of electromagnetic fields in order to get his neighbor’s newspaper when Jimmy curiously (read: purposely) failed to bring him a copy of the newspaper. This was such a great scene. Chuck may have his phobias, but he’s no fool. He immediately knew that Jimmy was running a hustle. It looks like we’ll get more of Chuck’s reaction in next week’s episode. I’m hoping we get more insight into the origin of his condition, as well as Kim’s friendship with the brothers. I suspect we’ll get more insight as the war Jimmy is waging against Howard continues to escalate.

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