Girls “Close-Up” Review (Season 4 Episode 6)

Girls Close Up Season 4 Episode 6 06

Despite it’s apparently self-explanatory title, Girls has evolved into a show about more than it’s central quartet. Most episodes feature very little from Marnie, Shoshana and Jessa (especially those last two), instead choosing to focus on Hannah, Adam and, increasingly, Ray.

This isn’t a bad thing, because I think somewhere towards the end of the first series Adam became the world’s most interesting player, but it’s in episodes like ‘Close-Up’ that you realize how imbalanced it’s become. Hannah and Adam have broken up and Ray is currently not ‘dating’ either Marnie or Shoshana, and yet they’re sharing focus in an episode that even has very limited screen-time for Hannah.

While Ray’s story will likely have larger consequences as we move forward with the fourth season, it’s Adam’s that is the more immediately complex. His journey from that weird guy Hannah was having a dysfunctional relationship with to the person who broke things off last week has been one of Girls‘ biggest achievements, and here in his new relationship with Mimi-Rose we see yet another iteration of his character.

Mimi-Rose has gone through with an abortion without first discussing the matter with Adam, and his reaction is one of anger and confusion. He’s used to being there for Hannah, of being her main support system and her rock to the point of dangerous co-dependence. Now, he’s the bonus to an otherwise independent life and, while I’m not sure I’m on Mimi-Rose’s side in this argument, this is about highlighting Adam’s learning curve in that area.

Hannah, instead, seems to have traded Adam for Elijah, who will never be as reassuring or stable. This could be a huge opportunity for Hannah to get her life together on her own, figuring out what she wants outside of the dream-world she’s been trapped in since childhood, and her decision to possibly become a teacher will most likely lead to some wonderful dramedy for the character and the show.

Then again, what a change for it to be Hannah who is doing the ‘right thing’, just when Marnie is pursuing a job in music with a relationship that could combust at any moment. We’re so used to seeing Marnie pretend she’s functional while Hannah embraces the uncertainty, so to have it the other way around is interesting.

This episode was an odd one to place after the big breakup, especially since Hannah was given less time than Adam on a show supposedly about the titular ladies, but it was solid nonetheless. Bravo for Girls for talking about abortion, too, it’s not done nearly enough.

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