The Walking Dead “The Distance” Review (Season 5 Episode 11)

The Walking Dead The Distance Season 5 Episode 11 01

The Walking Dead returned tonight up against the Oscar’s over on ABC. It’s a tough night for most any other TV show, but something tells me that plenty of people will be tuning into “The Distance.”

The episode picked right up where the last one left off, with this too-friendly Aaron guy making his sales pitch to Rick’s group about this wonderful sounding community. For a second I forgot that I was watching The Walking Dead and felt like I was watching a pitch on Shark Tank. It was cracking me up when he started talking about their 15-foot tall, 12-foot wide rolled steel walls. It sounded just like he was pitching a product to a boardroom instead of pitching to a group of beleaguered and deadly survivors. It was also a somewhat unfortunate use of words to say that “people are their greatest resource.” Dude, you clearly don’t know what they just went through at Terminus!

The pitch was quickly interrupted by Rick punching Aaron in the face, and I loved how Rick knocked him clean out and nobody even reacted to it. Glenn and Carol just shrugged and the only person who batted an eye was Michonne. Even though nobody else is quite as intense as Rick, I love that they are all mostly alike in being able to

Speaking of Michonne, she seems to be the new second-in-command in the group now. With Tyreese dead and Daryl pretty much a useless grump ever since Beth died, that leaves Michonne to be the voice of reason in the face of Rick’s undying pessimism. Look, I know that these questions are like…the whole point of the show. Who can you trust in a post apocalyptic world like this? Can you ever be too careful? Can you ever truly be safe? I understand that these are the types of questions that we’ll be asking throughout the course of this whole series, but I don’t get why Rick has to be so overly cautious all the time. I understand that they’ve been burned before with these communities, like Woodbury and Terminus, but didn’t he just say that he wants to go to Washington DC? What is he expecting to find there? Wouldn’t there be a community of some kind there, and won’t he have to break down eventually and trust somebody else to keep his family safe? It just feels a little tiring now how overly cautious he always is. His insistence on taking a new route to the community almost got everybody killed! There’s such a thing as being too careful!

With all of the excitement going around with Aaron and his community, there weren’t too many character moments tonight. The big exception here was Abraham and Rosita, who discussed Abraham’s breakdown after Eugene’s reveal. This felt way too late for this conversation. Have they really waited this long to discuss this? I mean, I get that there is limited time per episode, and that people had to mourn the deaths of Beth and Tyreese, but it just feels odd for these two to talk about this so far after it happened. Just cut the scene from the show altogether instead of making it seem strangely late.

Our other biggest character moment was between Aaron and Eric, which was downright odd to me. These are two brand new characters, so I was not expecting them to share a nice little quiet scene together. Their relationship is a little jarring to me. It has nothing to do with them being gay, but seeing anybody be so loving and affectionate on this show feels so out of place. No character has been so jokey and passionate with their lover since…I can’t even remember. Maybe Maggie and Glenn used to kiss like that a few seasons ago? I guess they wanted us to see a quiet scene between these new characters so that we can believe that they are genuinely nice guys, since they didn’t spend time conniving or plotting even when they weren’t being watched. I’m interested to see if these guys good, or if this Alexandria community ends up being just another Woodbury. My guess is that, this being The Walking Dead, things will not go swimmingly. It’s really just a matter of how things will go downhill.

Random Thoughts:

– In an episode filled with a lot of great zombie kills, the flare gun to the eyeball was definitely my favorite.

– This show sure isn’t known for having a sense of humor, but the smash cut from the super bright and happy scene in the RV and Abraham confidently saying “we’re going to make it” to the shot of the broken down RV was hilarious.

– Can somebody help me with what that big tower was that Rosita pointed out to Abraham?