Togetherness “Ghost in Chains” Review (Season 1 Episode 6)

The more episodes air, the more the title of Togetherness feels like an oxymoron. “Ghost in Chains” was all about our characters losing it in different ways, including in their careers and relationships with one another. Maybe things will return to a state of normalcy by the season finale, but things are pretty broken at the moment.

Brett’s storyline this week went a long way towards reminding that while he has been an absolutely terrible husband, his issues run a lot deeper than his marriage. It’s entirely possible he still loves Michelle, but it’s his obligation to her and his children that keep him in such a stressful state. He’s sick of his job, his lack of creative freedom and being told what to do; his outburst over another long day was a long time coming. None of this fully excuses how bad he’s been at home, but it does put it into context. Perhaps now, with the help of his strange new forest friend, he can actually approach some form of inner peace.

We didn’t get a whole lot from Michelle this week, but it’s clear that things are building towards something serious with David. She’s still using the charter school as an excuse to see him, but there’s no one else breaking in to abandoned buildings with them. There was an uncomfortable intimacy in the locked door scene, and the sexual tension between them is clear. With an overnight road trip apparently in their future, an affair seems all the more certain.

Finally, the tension between Tina and Alex reached a boiling point this week. Alex was fed up with Tina using her flirty ways to manipulate him, and the two continued to avoid discussing the awkwardness of the kiss from last week. It all came to a head with Alex’s audition, the exact role Tina’s entire regimen was trying to move him away from. So not only did it seem like a pity part, it was one that seemed like Tina was giving up on him. As usual, both characters are relatable. Yes, Tina has a tendency to use her sexuality, but she was also genuinely trying to help Alex out. There’s no telling how things will shake out next week between them, as no one is in a position to offer much help to anyone else at this point.

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