Helix “M. Domestica” Review (Season 2 Episode 6)

Helix - Season 2

This week’s Helix demonstrated the problem the show has with pacing. We finally found out that Julia is trying to stop Ilaria’s plan to wipe out most of the human race with the Narvik virus, and that a key to stopping their plan is on the island. This part of the story should have come out in episode 1 or 2, not 6. All the stuff of Julia running around the island, talking to her crazy dad and the facemask guy was boring and confusing without some context. It also didn’t serve any real purpose. What was the benefit to holding out on Julia’s story? None. This wasn’t some big reveal or shock – it was necessary context that would’ve been helpful earlier.

I’m also having a problem with what’s going down at the abbey. There are threads in this plot that are interesting, such as Brother Michael’s immortality and inappropriate relationships with his daughters. The disease plot, though, is not working. So first the fear was that the virus was airborne. Then it was in the pollen and in the honey. Now it’s in the apples. This is getting to be way too convoluted. At least at Arctic Biosystems, the focus seemed to stay on figuring out the disease and a way to deal with it. Here, the CDC scientists keep dealing with murderous island inhabitants who attack them on a regular basis. Kyle tries to find the connection with the children and is attacked by them. He tries to find the connection to the bees and is attacked. Sarah tries to find the connection with Soren and is attacked. Now, Alan and Peter are attacked so Michael can find out about Sarah, and it looks like Sarah will be attacked next week by Michael. But, it’s not just the CDC-don’t forget Julia who’s been attacked by the mask guy and her crazy father. And, of course, the various attacks on the children and abbey inhabitants by Amy and her crony. Seeing a pattern? All of this is just making the story messy.

Julia’s interaction with Ilaria is finally interesting this week as we learn that she’s hooking up with Sergio and trying to stop Ilaria from committing genocide. This solves some of the ambiguity as far as whether Julia has gone to the dark side. She may be putting too much trust in Sergio, though. Didn’t she learn anything from his duplicity in the arctic? He’s one of the last people I would’ve shown the Narvik cure to. Julia is eventually told to meet with “Mlle Durant” who can help her. Their rendez-vous was amusing, as Julia sits down next to a woman old as dirt and says, “Mademoiselle Durant?” A woman that old would never be a “mademoiselle.” And, the real Mlle Durant is in fact a young girl. She offers to help Julia and reveals that there are divisions within the immortal community.

Even though Peter is a liar, I am starting to feel sorry for him being trapped in the hole. It was messed up for Michael to dump the rats down. Even though Alan is mad at him, I was hoping he might at least check to make sure he’s ok. In light of Michael’s role as torturer, I hope that Peter is able to get some revenge on him.

I am really hoping that we’re going to turn things around in the upcoming episodes, because right now, Helix is a mess. It’s definitely not as good as last season. With the expansion of Julia’s story and more information on Michael’s past coming up, I am optimistic it will improve. If it continues as is, I’m not sure I’d be in for a season 3.