12 Monkeys “The Red Forest” Review (Season 1 Episode 6)

12 Monkeys managed to put out a really entertaining episode this week. Yes, “The Red Forest” had some of the show’s usual problems and was a bit choppy, but the story moved at a quick pace and had a variety of time travel hijinks and problems to keep the viewer engaged. It was an episode where you weren’t quite sure where things were going to go next, which is always appreciated.

First off, one could argue that there wasn’t a whole lot done with the alternate future Cole landed in at the end of last week’s episode. However, I think it hit all the highlights it needed to without the episode getting stuck in 2043 for another week. Because the differences in the post-apocalypse don’t really matter if everyone is still dead. So all we needed was the idea of Ramse leading the West 7 to get a feel for how things had changed, and for Jones to explain the time travel logic of the week.

From there, we were sent back to 2015, where Cole had to team up with Aaron to try and rescue Cassandra. For a main cast member, Noah Bean hasn’t been given a whole lot to do so far, so it was nice to finally have Aaron brought into the main narrative arc. He gives Cole and Cassandra a more reliable set of contacts and resources to explore, especially as the mystery behind the outbreak begins to turn towards some sort of government project/conspiracy.

The biggest problem I have with the show right now is that the Army of the 12 Monkeys isn’t exactly coming off as a top-tier threat. It’s one thing for them to be an underground organization, but they have yet to seem capable of gathering much of a force together. They only ever seem to have a few dudes with guns around to protect them, and the facility Cassandra was being held at wasn’t that secure if two guys could infiltrate it. It’s cool to learn more about who they are, with creepy elements like The Witness and The Red Forest introduced this week, but I’d like to see them to feel like as big a threat as the show says they are.

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