The Vampire Diaries “Let Her Go” Review Season 6 Episode 15

The Vampire Diaries Let Her Go Season 6 Episode 15 10

As expected, the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries” was all about the goodbyes- and at least one long-awaited, unexpected hello- in the aptly-titled “Let Her Go.” We started pretty much where we left off, with Caroline continuing to reminiscence about the time her mother taught her to ride a bike- only tellingly, this time she was instead focusing not on the highs of riding that bike, but the lows of falling off of it. This happy memory bled into a sobering one, in which her mother and her talked about death and what would happened when she was no longer there for her daughter.

As this was going on, Damon was struggling with his own death issues, as he faltered in his attempts to write Liz’s eulogy, as per her request. Over the course of the episode, we saw flashbacks to his own mother’s death, where he had been tasked with the same assignment- and failed, much to his younger brother Stefan’s dismay. (I had honestly forgotten that Damon was older than Stefan, given how immature Damon is wont to act more often than not, and how studiously serious Stefan typically is.)

In the end, it took Elena to remind him that a eulogy isn’t so much about commemorating the deceased- though that is certainly part of it- as it is comforting those left behind, in this case Caroline, of course. That actually did the trick and Damon was finally able to complete the task at hand, and deliver a surprisingly poignant eulogy in which he acknowledged once and for all that Liz was his dear friend, and the protector of the town she loved. Afterwards, he and Damon had a heart to heart in which he apologized for futzing it up with their mother so long ago, and they were able to bond over something for once.

Apparently in the giving mood, Damon also had a talk about Stefan’s burgeoning feelings for Caroline, telling him if he didn’t mean it, he had better tell her, because she was way too vulnerable right now to take much more heartbreak, under the circumstances. Though Stefan put her off earlier in the day until after the funeral- which would prove to be a dire mistake- he did finally come to terms with his feelings in a positive way and rushed to her place to tell her.

Alas, he was all too late, as Caroline, after a confrontation with Elena, who saw right through her brave front, had snapped Elena’s neck and retreated to take the steps necessary to shut down her emotions, like Elena, Damon and Stefan had done before her. If only she’d waited just a little bit longer…

I guess that means that we’re going to be seeing an all-new Caroline in the episodes to come, which, while sad, should make for some compelling viewing, as Caroline is my favorite female character on the show, and it’s always nice to see Candice Accola get a chance to spread her wings, acting-wise. She certainly has been killing it as of late, from an emotional standpoint- and how about that song at the funeral?

Still, the chance to see her cut loose and go a little wild should be fun, and a nice callback to the early days of the show, when she was first turned into a vampire. I, for one, am looking forward to it, as sad as the circumstances that led to it were. But then, they’d have to be for her to do something so drastic, wouldn’t they?

Thankfully, it wasn’t all dreary and gloomy times on “TVD” this week, as we got one monumentally great bit of good news: Bonnie’s back! Finally. Man, I was beginning to wonder how much longer they were planning to drag that thing out, but just when we least expected it, bam! There she was. I gather that part of it had to do with the decision by Jo to go through with the merge with brother Kai after all, after both started getting deathly ill at once, leading him to posit that it was because he’d merged with the wrong twin.

So, they went for it, despite Alaric’s protests, and, shockingly, not only did Jo emerge intact, but so did Kai and subsequently left without a peep to go do whatever mischief he had planned. Before he left though, he gave his sis a bit more good news: her sickness wasn’t related to his, after all- she was, in fact, pregnant! This in turn led to even more good news, as Alaric popped the question. Though Jo was hesitant at first, thinking it was a pity proposal, once Alaric gave his spiel and produced a ring, it was all good.

While all this was going on, at the same time Bonnie was in the other dimension, plotting to take another stab at escaping, using the Ascendant device and her magic and the eclipse. However, a new wrinkle formed as the twins were doing the merging thing and it started to snow, then the lights of the Aurora Borealis appeared in the sky. Bonnie went to a nearby house, which proved to be the Salvatore’s home, and noticed some writing in a journal- or should I say, diary? – that mentioned just that event.

Then it seemed like she was starting to sync through different worlds one at a time, and possibly different time periods, so she rushed back to the cave to do the ritual before it was too late and the eclipse, which reappeared (and vanished and reappeared and so on), had finished. Before she completed it, she saw a woman dressed in old-timey period clothing who asked her what she was doing there, but didn’t have time to say anything before she successfully managed to complete the ritual and appeared back at the Salvatore mansion, to an astonished Damon.

Then, in a moment longtime watchers probably never thought they’d see, she literally leapt into Damon’s arms and hugged him tight, overjoyed to finally be home again. Along with the rest of us fans, no doubt. (Although, way to have the worst timing ever, Jeremy! LOL.) Yep, she’s back, and even before Damon identified her, I knew that the mystery woman, which Bonnie managed to capture on film, was indeed his dear old, apparently not-so-departed mom (Annie Wersching, of “24” fame).

Not sure what all that was about, and I didn’t get to study the diary entries they briefly showed, so I guess we’ll have to wait until the next episode to find out- which isn’t until March! Boo! “The Vampire Diaries” giveth, and then it taketh away. But hey, I’ll take it, to be sure. Bonnie’s back, Alaric’s gonna be a daddy and married to boot; plus Caroline is going to be in wicked mode when we return, so I’m good with that to look forward to. I’m especially happy about the Bonnie thing, which was completely unexpected by this point, and my loyal readers know how much at wit’s end I was with that whole plotline, so I’m sure they’ll be happy not to have to hear me bitch about it anymore, so there’s that as well.

So, there you have it. A great, well-deserved send off for Sheriff Liz, who will indeed be missed, and a surprising amount of good news, plus the hints of some solid plotlines in the making, particularly the crazy Caroline storyline, which could potentially be completely awesome. Can’t wait till the show comes back, and it’s actually been a while since I could say that, so good on you, “TVD” writers. You finally knocked one out of the park. Now don’t blow it!

What did you think of the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries”? Were you happy with Liz’s final send-off? How happy are you to get Bonnie back finally? Looking forward to Caroline going off the rails? Happy for baby daddy Alaric and Jo’s impending nuptials and kid(s)? Glad to be rid of Kai? Glad they finally gave Matt something constructive to do? (Ditto Tyler.) Where do you think they’re headed with the Salvatore mother storyline? Did I mention how happy I was about the Bonnie thing? Yay! See you in March, and be sure to leave your comments and predictions below!