‘Reign’ (Season 2): The Downfall of Greer Norwood Castleroy

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When The CW period piece drama Reign debuted on October 17, 2013, viewers were introduced not only to Mary, Queen of Scots and the future King of France, but also to Mary’s ladies-in-waiting, including Ayle, Lola, Kenna and Greer Norwood Castleroy (series regular Celina Sinden).

Unlike the other girls, Greer did not have a title, but her family was incredibly rich thanks for her families’ former success in the mining business. Since Greer is the oldest of five daughters, it was up to her to marry a man with a title, which would secure not only her future but also that of her younger sisters.

That intention didn’t quite go as planned when Greer fell in love with kitchen servant Leith Bayard (series regular Jonathan Keltz) before the arrival of Lord Julien, her fiancé from an arranged marriage between their families.

When Greer and Leith were caught kissing, though, Lord Julien called off their engagement and her reputation was basically ruined. For his ‘crime’, Leith was forced into the King’s Army – sent far away from her – and Greer had to find a suitable ‘replacement’ for Lord Julien in order to safe herself and her sisters from further ruin.

Not that much later, Greer meets Lord Aloysius Castleroy (recurring guest star Michael Therriault) at the Harvest Festival; but their first meeting does not go well. Castleroy spends too much time talking about his favorite subject – peppers, he is in the spice trade, after all – and Greer quickly becomes bored. Castleroy was obviously smitten, though, and in short order he asks for her hand; and give her tarnished reputation, she accepts even though she does not love him.

Once they are married, Greer makes a concerted effort to return the love shown to her by Aloysius, and eventually – much like her best friend Kenna (series regular Caitlin Stasey) and Bash (series regular Torrance Coombs) – develops a loving, close relationship with her husband.

But, because of Castleroy’s religious belief – he is a Protestant in a world where only the Catholic Church is acceptable – Greer’s husband has to keep his practice silent. However, when asked to donate money to build a supposed school for children of other Protestants, Aloysius gives freely. This, unfortunately, was a bad, bad mistake, as the money was actually used by radical believers to attack the King’s Court.

When the truth was laid bare, however, Castleroy had to go on the run and Greer’s reputation was ruined even worse than the kiss that destroyed her first engagement. Her best friend – Mary, Queen of Scots (series lead Adelaide Kane) – had no choice but to take away Greer’s title as Lady as well as demand forfeiture of all Castleroy’s money, leaving Greer homeless and penniless.

As of last week’s episode, Greer was living in ‘cheapside’ in a small, dingy room above a tavern next to the room of a known whore. That whore also ruined Greer’s hope of working for a Lady from Hungary, where her French reputation would, hopefully, not follow.

The downfall of Greer Norwood Castleroy was, sadly, out of her hands and seemingly unfair; but par for the course given the time period in which the series is set. It will be up to Greer to use all the wit and abilities she has to make a new future for herself.

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The next new episode of the second season of ‘Reign’ will be back on The CW on Thursday, March 12 at 9/8c.