How To Get Away With Murder “Mama’s Here Now” Review (Season 1, Episode 13)


I’m under the weather right now. It really stinks. And yet last night’s How to Get Away with Murder made me completely forget for 1 hour how bad I felt. For that Cicely Tyson, I thank you.

Ophelia is not a character that should to be on the show all the time. She was such a force of nature, a person to be reckoned with, that even Annalise herself took a backseat. But the mother of Anna Mae graced us with her presence at the perfect time. Annalise needed to be truly knocked down before being brought back up. And in order to confront the situation with Sam she needed to confront why she entered his path to begin with. While some may have found Tyson’s portrayal as cartoonish or stereotypical, I thought it was exactly what the show needed. The reveal of the abuse that Annalise was subjected to from her uncle as a child did not feel shoehorned in to garner her sympathy. And the fact that her mother burned the house down with said uncle in it didn’t seem like a way to link mother and daughter in terms of a murder plot. There are countless children who come from broken homes and poverty to rebuild themselves as something different. Yet for so many that denial and self-loathing of the past remains in the way it has for Annalise. And there are countless people like Ophelia who have come to accept that certain things can’t be changed. As played by Tyson and Viola Davis, it was painful and uncomfortable to watch. I say that with the utmost praise because it should be. I don’t want to be coddled as an audience member. These two women brought to network television (not counting The Good Wife or Hannibal) what I usually see only on cable. And “Mama’s Here Now” is the way a penultimate episode of a season should be. The stakes were high, but character still prevailed. I don’t need to see her again for a while, yet will welcome Cicely Tyson back if she ever returns.

More Thoughts as I Count Down the Days Until the Finale

– I should talk about the whole Rudy business right? First off, I made a mistake in thinking he was in jail. I assumed that after he was carted off by the police that he was put behind bars. Close, but no dice. Being in a psych ward still allowed for my theory that Wes would somehow be able to visit him. And lo and behold, Rudy is entangled in Lila’s murder. I mentioned previously that if he was not the sole person responsible that somehow Rebecca would be involved, and that I would fully be on board if that was the case. Well, her being all sketch and tracing Wes’ phone is lining up with that theory. Will it pan out that way though? I honestly don’t know. Having Rebecca pull a Lady Macbeth is certainly interesting yet still feels too obvious. I’m waiting to be surprised.

– On the Nate side of things, I wish he wouldn’t have been in on it, but oh well. I figured the writers wouldn’t go that route, and they didn’t. So, whose number did Annalise slip him to call?

– Bonnie slayed. Oh yes she did. And Frank got to be gross again by watching her and Asher have parking deck sex.

– Oliver, don’t think for one second that you are not adorable. And kudos, Connor. You have grown on me more than any other character this season.

– Umm, so how did Rebecca have the technology to trace Wes’ phone? This show only needs one hacker.

– Can’t decide which Ophelia zinger was my favorite: the VIP line, her calling Annalise “Oprah,” or her Asher burn. Just give Cicely Tyson the Emmy for Best Guest Actress in a Drama already. She earned it within the first two minutes.

– I had to include this picture of Asher. It’s just too fabulous.