The Mysteries of Laura “The Mystery Of The Alluring Au Pair” Review (Season 1 Episode 15)

The Mysteries of Laura - Season 1

In this episode of The Mysteries of Laura, called “The Mystery Of The Alluring Au Pair,” the team works together to keep a secret that really isn’t one at all.

Color me puzzled when this episode began and the team found out they were going to be inspected due to a complaint about Laura and Jake. I mean, they’re ex-husband and wife, wouldn’t it have occurred to people well before this time that there could be an issue there? It just seemed so out of left field to have an investigation opened up, especially at this point when Jake and Laura are doing a lot better as co-workers.

But then everything made sense when it was revealed that it was Laura’s own complaint, filed months ago, that caused the whole kerfluffle. I guess the paperwork in that place really is running behind when the person who filed the original complaint forgot that she even did it. It was tons of fun watching Laura try to keep the Chief from finding out that, well, nothing was happening between her and Jake. There were a couple of “almost” moments, but that was about it. Yet the amount of planning, conniving and subterfuge to keep a secret that really wasn’t a secret was hilarious. I especially enjoyed Laura bringing Tony in so she could fawn over him and prove that she had a boyfriend.

The Chief, who everyone seemed to be shocked to discover was a woman, wasn’t only looking out for inappropriate work relationships. Francesca, aka “Frankie,” was looking to change up the precinct’s dynamic with a transfer. Everyone assumed that meant someone on the team was going to have to leave, so a lot of dancing around was done to prove that they all deserved to be there. Though he’s still just an office assistant, Max showed how invaluable he was to the team when he went undercover to act as a translator at the upscale brothel. I had to laugh when poor Max was trying to keep all the ladies from fondling him as he was trying to do his job. While, on the other hand, Billy had to keep being reminded by the team to keep his mind on his work.

At first, Frankie came off as slightly ditzy. Yet it was clear that she had a job to do and she was going to get it done. So I had no intention of really liking her at all. After all, her whole purpose was to drag our beloved team apart. I knew that when the episode was over, something was going to be different about the team and I wanted no part of it. I couldn’t think of one person who I would be even remotely okay with leaving.

But as Frankie and Laura worked together, I had to admit that she was kind of cool. Even Laura warmed to her after a while. That fact almost made it harder, since we knew in the end she was going to undoubtedly deliver some bad news. So it was with relief, and a bit of surprise, when Jake announced the change in their team would be the addition of a new member: Frankie.

So the group has a new member and I really like her. That fondness grew when we found out Frankie’s real reason for seeking out a new start to her life. Leave it to Laura to figure out Frankie’s story and keep that information to herself. I think it’s going to be great seeing what another woman brings to the team.

What did you think of this episode of The Mysteries of Laura? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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